Be a Caviar Rockstar: a How-To Guide for Enjoying and Entertaining With Caviar

Cavair plus chips

Caviar, once considered a delicacy reserved only for the rich and famous, is now much more ubiquitously celebrated, thanks largely in part to—you probably guessed it—the internet. Those buttery beads of briny deliciousness are currently having a major food trend moment, and it’s one that lovers of culinary decadence definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Excited about joining in on this fab…

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How to Pair It: Pimento Cheese Sandwich & Cabernet Sauvignon

Pimento Cheese post pic 1

If the book “Big Macs and Burgundy” showed people anything, it’s that wine deserves to be partnered with every day, simple foods and snacks just as much as it does with gourmet foods and meals. That means as a long time advocate and proponent of that very ideology, I’m always up for experimenting when it…

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What To Pair With It: the Champagne Snack Board


Y’all, when I posted my #champagnesnackboard last week, I had NO IDEA that it was going to be so well received! Thank you, my spectacular bubbly lovers, for All the comments, shares, and saves, and showing my post ALL the love! As a show of appreciation, I just had to circle back with some great…

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Untamed Wine Estates in Texas Wine Country

Untamed room view

I’ve got a brand new  #TexasWineCountry wine experience review for y’all: Untamed Wine Estates in Hye/Fredericksburg, TX! Opened just over a year ago in May 2021 @untamedwines was launched by married couple Mckenzie Sanvido and Dane Sanvido Owner, General Manager, and Winemaker Dane is from South Africa but has developed his winemaking skills from all over…

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Bubbleista Wine Review: Champagne Paul Bara Grand Rosé

Champagne Paul Bara

Just in time for #NationalRoseDay this Friday, June 11th, here’s a #BubbleistaWineReview for @champagne_paul_bara “Grand Rosé!” Allow me to just cut right to the chase though, y’all: without question, Paul Bara makes some of the most exquisitely spectacular, beautiful, bold, full, nuanced, finessed wines in the Champagne region. Full stop. Let’s get into it, bubbly…

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A Bubbleista Champagne Pop-Up: “Champagne & Crustaceans”

The Bubbleista-001

  Okay, raise your hand if you have ever been intimidated by wine…? Yep, I’m sure almost all of you reading this have been! I mean, at one point or another most of us have found ourselves staring at a wine list; at a dinner party or event with several courses paired with several different wines; or…

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A Rare and Special 2019: Champagne Salmon Special Club Bubbleista Wine Review

Champagne Salmon pic 1

For that last several weeks I’ve been hearing the same words repeatedly ringing in my head whenever I began to think about 2019 in any capacity: Be intentional…be intentional…be intentional… No matter what aspect of the new year I was thinking about, those words kept coming back. So when I asked the hubs which #champagne he…

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The Bubbleista Loves: Chic Home Office Design Inspiration

Palm Beach, Florida, apartment designed by William T. Georgis {from}

In case you didn’t already know {but how could  you not, my dear?}, The Bubbleista is on a determined mission to achieve Champagne Empire World Domination. Yep, we’re talking entire planet-status here. Oh, and trust me, it’s gonna happen. I’ve been busy plotting, planning, learning, and executing in order to make my champagne wishes and…

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Flashback Friday + Fizzy Friday: “Twas The Night Before Christmas” The Champagne Remix


Embed from Getty Images ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, The Bubbleista was trying not to wake up her spouse. I hung all the stockings by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas would put champagne in there. I knew it was time to get all snug in my bed; But visions…

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Fizzy Friday Fab Four Links Round-up: July Champagne & Food News Edition

Moet Watermelon Mint Mojito

Is it just me, or does the intensity to eat and drink well intensify during the summer? I chalk it up to the fact that people are generally feeling more social and convivial during the warmer months. After all, with all of the hanging out pool side; summer holidays; picnics; celebrations; and gatherings, food and…

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Fizz Friday Prosecco Facts & Find: Cavicchioli 1928

Cavicchioli bottle in hand

Hello bubbly lovers! Today’s Fizz Friday post is a bit of a mashup between a Fizz Friday link round-up and a Fizz Friday Find by combining the 2 into 1 Prosecco post…a bubbly hybrid, if you will. The lone round-up link comes to us from one of my favorite reads, the champagne and sparkling wine bi-monthly magazine known…

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A Bubbleista Birthday, Rosh Hashanah & a “New” New Year

Birthday cake and gift

Happy Rosh Hasha-birthday to me… Sunday marked the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, which started at sundown on Sunday. For those who aren’t familiar,  Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish/Hebrew New Year. From a etymology standpoint it looks like this: “Rosh” {the Hebrew word for head} + “ha” {prefix of the noun} + “shanah” {the word for year} = “head of the…

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Well Hello, September!

Hello September

{*Instagram repost} Well hello, September. Let’s sparkle and shine! September is my birthday month, and for me that signifies a rebirth–an opportunity to blow out the candles after making wishes, plans, and dreams for the next 365 days. So, to kick off and commemorate my birthday month {and the beginning of a new season}, I’ve…

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Wine Wednesday Wordologie: “J” is for “Jetting”

Wine Wed Word Jetting

  Okay, first things first: today’s “Term of Effervescence” is NOT about getting on an airplane and jaunting all over the world–although, admittedly, jetting across the globe often involves sipping champagne–but rather pertains to a technological process used in creating champagne. So let’s chat briefly about “jetting.” I got super intrigued by this technique because…

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Fizz Friday: The National Donut Day Edition

Schrams Creme Brulee

So what do you do when #NationalDonutDay {or #NationalDoughnutDay} falls on a #FizzFriday? If you’re The Bubbleista you effortlessly combine the two and do a champagne and doughnut pairing, that’s what! Food holidays deserve to be celebrated, right? And bubbly is the quintessential celebratory quaff, no? So as far as I’m concerned there is every reason…

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June Sneak Peek

Hello-June-2015 beach balloons (2)

Goodbye May, Helloooo June Sneak Peek! Summer is upon us and I couldn’t be more ready for it. After a winter that just refused to go away followed by weeks of almost daily rain, I’m ready for a new season of warmth and sun. I’m sure you are, too! So I didn’t quiiittteee get around to everything…

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Wine Wednesday Wordologie: “C” is for “Crémant”

Wine Wednesday Wordologie (reboot 2)

Welcome to #WineWednesday Wordologie, my dears! If you’ve been keeping up with the site {well you have been visiting regularly, haven’t you?!} you already know I introduced this new series a couple of weeks ago in an effort to help us all get more comfortable in our champagne knowledge by increasing our effervescent vocabulary. If you need…

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May Sneak Peek

Purple tulips Hello May

Is it just me or does this year already seem to be just zipping by right before our eyes {so fast in fact that I forgot to do an April sneak peek–oopsie!}? I can’t believe it’s already May and we are 5 months into 2015. Regardless of how much time has already passed, the good…

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