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I’m Davon D. E. Hatchett-Robinson, lawyer turned freelance writer; burgeoning product maker; lifestyle curator; and the slightly (okay, perhaps more than slightly) aesthetics-obsessed creative force behind “The Bubbleista.”

I enter cooking and cocktail contests (I’ve made it to 2 regional finals); won the moniker of “Haute Hostess” in a national contest; host events that are not your routine affair (like a champagne-fueled Bastille Day party); seek out spectacular “off-the-beaten-path” events and destinations around the world to experience and travel to; and I’m the go-to person when my family and friends are entertaining and want originality with their cocktails; party themes; food ideas; and décor.

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Growing up with a consummate Southern Grand Dame for a mother has its advantages. My mother hosted a ton of events at our home which was my training ground for striving to impart style, creativity and originality into every event. It’s also from her that I learned to appreciate beautiful, high-quality things.

The appreciation of quality is generational, too. My maternal grandmother was an incredible seamstress who could replicate a garment from sight without ever touching a pattern. She’d see a lady dressed in exquisite finery, then would go home and sew the dress from memory. I wasn’t fortunate enough to inherit that skill, but I did acquire her love for textiles, color and pattern, which evolved into a passion for styling and design.

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The idea of The Bubbleista was born out of my frustration with commonplace and “done-to-death” ideas, coupled with a deep desire to infuse ordinary life with out-of-the-ordinary experiences. That desire developed into my own personal pursuit of a distinctive style of living. When I realized that other people connected with that desire too, I decided to start a blog to share tips, ideas, and inspiration designed to enchant, delight, and make life more beautiful, memorable and absolutely sparkling.

And thusly, moi, The Bubbleista was born.

So whether you want to become a champagne connoisseur; explore distinctive ways to indulge your wanderlust; elevate your party-throwing skills; learn how to mix a mean cocktail; or enhance your overall “effervescent” lifestyle quotient, you’ve landed in the right place.

And yes, as you’ve probably already guessed, I have an innate, unquenchable, unapologetic head-over-heels love for champagne and bubbly—the quintessential drink for celebrating life.

So why don’t you hang out a while? I think the two of us are going to be fast friends.