What To Pair With It: the Champagne Snack Board


Y’all, when I posted my #champagnesnackboard last week, I had NO IDEA that it was going to be so well received! Thank you, my spectacular bubbly lovers, for All the comments, shares, and saves, and showing my post ALL the love!

As a show of appreciation, I just had to circle back with some great champagne recs to serve along wirh the board so that you can be the Queens and Kings of entertaining this holiday season!

Check out these 4 picks:

1.) GH Mumm “Cordon Rouge”

45% PN + 25% M + 30% C

On-board Pairing(s):

 sparkling wine chips

 sparkling wine jelly beans

Why the pairing works:

If you love champagne and french fries then you’re going to absolutely LOVE just salty, yeasty, umami savoriness of these chips with champagne…DIVINE.

The combination of the freshness of the Chardonnay, fruitiness from Pinot Noir, the Pinot Meunier roundness and the tropical notes partner so well with the delicate sweetness of the jellies.

snack--Mumm Champagne

2.) Henriot Rosé

60% Pinot Noir – 30% Chardonnay – 10% Meunier

On-board Pairing(s):

 dark chocolate


Why the pairing works:

The red fruit notes combined with the chocolate are kind of like eating a chocolate covered strawberry—delish.

And of course the raspberries echo the flavor notes in the rosé.

snack--Henriot Champagne

3.) Bérêche et Fils Brut Reserve

35% Chardonnay + 30% Pinot noir + 35% Meunier (with 35% reserve wines each year)

On-board Pairing(s):

 a slice of baguette slathered with butter and topped with the roe caviar

 sparkling wine chips topped with roe caviar

 Champagne cheese

Why the pairing works:

The Bérêche is rich and complex and, with it’s nearly equal combination of C, PN, and M, it has an unmatched affinity for food—especially rich and complex flavors.

snack--Bereche Champagne

4.) Apollonis Michel Loriot ‘Authentic Meunier’ Blanc de Noirs Brut

100% Meunier

On-board Pairing(s):

 sweet and savory popcorn

 a slice of baguette slathered with butter and topped with the roe caviar

Why the pairing works:

The aromatic, fruit-forward nature of Meunier and the creaminess of the Apollonis in particular married well with the ying-yang of the popcorn, but also more than holds it own up against the salty bursts of the roe.

snack--Apollonis Champagne

BONUS BOTTLE: If you’re looking to add a 5th sparkling wine into the max, add a elegant, well-balanced demi-sec: my hands down pick is the @laurentperrier “Harmony”—it’s truly exquisite!

Cheers to holiday champagne snack board entertaining!

Snack Board pic