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Be a Caviar Rockstar: a How-To Guide for Enjoying and Entertaining With Caviar

Cavair plus chips

Caviar, once considered a delicacy reserved only for the rich and famous, is now much more ubiquitously celebrated, thanks largely in part to—you probably guessed it—the internet. Those buttery beads of briny deliciousness are currently having a major food trend moment, and it’s one that lovers of culinary decadence definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Excited about joining in on this fab…

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What To Pair With It: the Champagne Snack Board

Y’all, when I posted my #champagnesnackboard last week, I had NO IDEA that it was going to be so well received! Thank you, my spectacular bubbly lovers, for All the comments, shares, and saves, and showing my post ALL the love! As a show of appreciation, I just had to circle back with some great…

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Untamed room view

Untamed Wine Estates in Texas Wine Country

I’ve got a brand new  #TexasWineCountry wine experience review for y’all: Untamed Wine Estates in Hye/Fredericksburg, TX! Opened just over a year ago in May 2021 @untamedwines was launched by married couple Mckenzie Sanvido and Dane Sanvido Owner, General Manager, and Winemaker Dane is from South Africa but has developed his winemaking skills from all over…

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The Art of The Perfect Charcuterie Board: How to Create Incredible Platters With My “5S + 5C” Secret Formula

Create Gorgeous Platters With My “5S + 5C” Secret Formula **check out these excerpts from the digital article I wrote for Sweet July Magazine published in June entitled “Get On Board: The ABCs Of Creating Perfect Charcuterie Platters” While charcuterie has long been part of the “entertaining with food” conversation, its popularity exploded during the…

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The Ultimate Champagne Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Volume VI

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–gift giving season!–and that means your favorite champagne lover’s MOST favorite champagne lover is B-A-C-K! That’s right, The Bubbleista is back with what you’ve been waiting for: Volume no. 6 of “The Ultimate Champagne Lovers Holiday Gift Guide!” This year’s list has 30+ items ringing at a total minimum value…

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Pinot Blanc

Wines For Your Holiday Table: Pinot Blanc

I’m on my “wines for the holiday table” kick, so I wanted to circle back to one I talked about earlier this summer, Pinot Blanc—particularly from Alsace—in hopes of inspiring you to shake things up and add it to your wine rotation this holiday season! Alsatian PB is a fantastic, versatile, wallet friendly, and highly…

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Champagne Paul Bara

Bubbleista Wine Review: Champagne Paul Bara Grand Rosé

Just in time for #NationalRoseDay this Friday, June 11th, here’s a #BubbleistaWineReview for @champagne_paul_bara “Grand Rosé!” Allow me to just cut right to the chase though, y’all: without question, Paul Bara makes some of the most exquisitely spectacular, beautiful, bold, full, nuanced, finessed wines in the Champagne region. Full stop. Let’s get into it, bubbly…

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LeFlaive rose champs me smile

Champagne Valentin Leflaive Rosé review

“It was a meeting of the minds that was bound to produce something extraordinary: a friendship between two hedonists, two men steeped in the Art of Wine making, two men with a profound attachment to their vineyards. Between them, they created Champagne Valentin Leflaive.” After an introduction like that, do I really even need to…

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Mimosa Cranberry sauce (igrediets)

Mimosa Cranberry Sauce

It takes real skill, ingenuity, and passion to fully and consistently commit to living the champagne lifestyle. Luckily for you, I’m a genius at doing it (ha). That very fact is exactly how I ended up creating the recipe for the Thanksgiving condiment you never knew you needed: fresh, fancy cranberry sauce gussied up with sparkling wine. Behold…

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Nat Sauv Blanc Day pic 1

It’s National Sauvignon Blanc Day!

WOW, y’all–I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted on my blog! Thank for hanging in there with me though because, trust me. I’m doing A. TON. of things behind the scenes right now both on the lawyer front {you do still remember that I’m a trademarks, branding, and business attorney for entrepreneurs,…

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AIRS Me in doorway (close up)

Get Yourself Barred: Air’s Champagne Parlor in NYC

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that back in October I was invited by my girl Kachet Jackson-Henderson {as part of a graciously hosted Alaska Airlines trip for influencers and bloggers} on a trip to New York for the official grand opening of the flagship Nordstrom NYC. Well, while we had plenty of fun…

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Pol Roger box trio

Pol Roger Portfolio Champagne Tasting & Bubbleista Wine Review

I absolutely love this time of year: in November and December there is always a huge uptick in champagne tasting event hosted by producers, distributors, restaurants, and retailers due to the upcoming holidays–and, they also hope, a resulting huge uptick in increased wine sales. So far be it from me to not avail myself of as many of these…

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The Ultimate Champagne Lovers Holiday Gift Guide: Volume V

In typing this title for this year’s annual post it just hit me: I’ve been doing “The Ultimate Gift Guide for Champagne Lovers” for 5 years…FIVE. WHOLE. YEARS! For the last 5 consecutive years, I have searched high and low to find twelve (in a nod to the 12 Days of Christmas) exciting, exquisite, enchantingly effervescent champagne-oriented…

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