Wines For Your Holiday Table: Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc
I’m on my “wines for the holiday table” kick, so I wanted to circle back to one I talked about earlier this summer, Pinot Blanc—particularly from Alsace—in hopes of inspiring you to shake things up and add it to your wine rotation this holiday season!

Alsatian PB is a fantastic, versatile, wallet friendly, and highly food-adaptable wine. In fact, I attend a webinar called “Alsace Rocks!” about Alsatian wines and learned that gastronomic alchemy is known to be important in this region as winemakers  intentionally set out to make beautiful wines that pair extremely well with food.
Pinot Blanc 1
Sufficiently intrigued? Good! Here’s how to pair it:


* Quiches + Frittatas + Omelettes
* Salads with pork, chicken, or fish
* Charcuterie and cheese
* Oysters


* Pasta Alfredo (or any cream sauce)
* Grilled fish
* Roasted chicken and turkey
* Pork tenderloin + Ham
* Fried fish
 Pinot Blanc 3
BONUS SURPRISE PAIRING: Asparagus! This veggie is notoriously hard to pair with wine. According to Decanter magazine, “A high level of chlorophyll gives asparagus its fresh green flavour but, working alongside other acidic compounds, it can make wines taste metallic or harsh.” Happily, however, Alsatian Pinot Blanc can more than stand up to the asparagus challenge! This pairing works especially well when the asparagus is served with a creamy Hollandaise sauce.

If you’ve had Pinot Blanc before what did/would you pair with it?

And if you haven’t had it before, tell me what you think about now putting it into your sipping rotation. Cheers to new wine discoveries, explorations, and experiences!