The Ultimate Champagne Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Volume VI


It’s the most wonderful time of the year–gift giving season!–and that means your favorite champagne lover’s MOST favorite champagne lover is B-A-C-K! That’s right, The Bubbleista is back with what you’ve been waiting for: Volume no. 6 of “The Ultimate Champagne Lovers Holiday Gift Guide!” This year’s list has 30+ items ringing at a total minimum value of over $13,000!

Before we go any further, allow me to set the record straight: in totality NO ONE is better than me (even those annual guides in large publications I love such as Town & Country and Forbes–yep, I said it! Lol.) at curating the best, most enchanting, most delightful, most exquisite gift guides. *pats self on the back*

In case you’re new around here, for 6 of the last 7 years (2020 was a bust for obvs reasons–and the first year I’ve missed since starting my blog in 2015!) I’ve scoured the wine and gift universe like no one else can to compile a magnificent, incomparable list of the most exquisite gifts and experiences to satisfy and delight even the most discerning champagne lovers!

Better still is that I’ve got something even more special than usual in store this go around: in years past the list has included 12 exquisite items at a variety of price points in honor of the Twelve Days of Christmas. However, in a nod to an extraordinarily different 2020 & 2021, this year I’ve decided to create an extraordinarily different gift guide–I’ve taken it up several notches by listing 12 CATEGORIES (and not just 12 items), each with 2 or more options–thereby multiplying your champagne joy exponentially!

Are you bubbling over with excitement yet? GOOD! I’m not going to hold you in suspense any longer: behold, my 6th Annual Ultimate Champagne Lovers Holiday Gift Guide, the Deluxe Edition!

 1.) Jewelry:

Laura Lobdell champagne bottle and bucket necklace$698.00

I’m absolutely, completely enamored with this necklace because of the creative thought put into making it: the bottle and bucket are independently moveable and the bottle can even go inside the bucket. Even better is that the bottle also opens up to reveal space for a tiny secret note with your own special message.

Laura Lobdell Message in a Bottle & Bucket Necklace

Champagne Everyday Cork Earrings–$50.00

Made by a family of Balinese artisans, these beautiful handmade silver 925 champagne cork-shaped earrings are a fun way to show your love of champagne! If case you want to up the ante, Champagne Everyday also has the matching necklace so you can make it a set!

Champagne Cork silver earrings

2. Books:

Better with Bubbles: An Effervescent Education in Champagnes & Sparkling Wines by Ariel Arce, Owner of Air’s Champagne Parlor–$39.95

If you saw my blog post that I already love Air’s Champagne Parlor as evidenced by my blog post a few months ago, so when I saw back in October that she was releasing a book, I knew it was going to be just as fun, witty, and fabulous as Ariel herself is. Check the rundown:

Divided into two sections (one for Champagne, the other on sparkling wines from around the world), Pop Bottles dispenses with dry backstory and tedious tasting notes in favor of a rollicking, visual tour of the universe of bubbly. Discover your palate through a choose-your-own-adventure tasting guide; learn what to wear (and not wear) to a vineyard; and learn how to throw a Champagne pizza party.”

Better with Bubbles book

La Champagne, Le Champagne & Les Champenois – A Handmade Book to Celebrate Handcrafted Champagne$18.00

I love how intimate and personal this book is! With handwritten notes and drawings by the author  “Yoko” (who spent a little over 15 years in the wine industry working across retail sales in the US, wine judging in the UK, Japan & France, as well as working harvests & cellar jobs in Champagne & Mosel), this book was created, she says, to “cover complicated topics & the work that goes behind to make each bottle of champagne.”

It’s billed as “fun & approachable ways to communicate all things Champagne,” and is a summary of  all the things she “never learned in wine classes & books. In short, if you want to learn more about champagne you need to add this book to your collection!

La Champagne, Le Champagne & Les Champenois

3.) Coveted Champagnes (high end, cult status, exclusive production, new release wines):

Cuvee Heritage Le Mesnil Heptallesime One Champagne–$275.00 

I first heard of this newly created cuvée a year ago, shortly after it was released , but had never seen it for sale in the US–that is, until a few months ago when I serendipitously found it at Pogo’s Wine & Spirits in Texas! I was stunned when I saw it because the production was so limited (only 3246 bottles made!) that I wasn’t sure any bottles would even make it to the US. Yet, here it was, right in front of my eyes!

What makes this champagne so special? Cuvee Heritage Heptallesime One is a blend of some of THE BEST 7 vintages of the last several harvest years—2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2015 to be exact—from pure Chardonnay village vines located asRssin the heart of Grand Cru.

And for the record, let’s talk briefly about vintage years: growing conditions in 2008 and 2012 were optional for making these years vintage designated; and some growers claim that 2015 is the best vintage since 1947. ALL OF THAT—and then some—is what is in this bottle. If you need further reason why this champagne is special, just know that @champagnelemesnil ranked no. 30 on the @drinksinternational list of most admired Champagne brands in the WORLD.

Cuvee Heritage Le Mesnil Heptallesime One

Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2006–$430.00

You can’t have a discussion about luxury wine without talking about Dom P, right? Disgorged in early 2018 and released in 2019, the Dom Pérignon Rosé 2006 is a blend of 56% Pinot Noir and 44% Chardonnay.

If you’re questioning the price tag a little bit, check out the winemaker’s notes: “The bouquet is mesmerizing, ripe, and complex. The opening notes are a blend of dark spices and cocoa which develop very quickly into fruit aromas. Fruit reigns supreme, with roasted fig and apricot and candied orange. The overall effect exudes smoky accents. On the palate, the fullness of the wine is immediately striking. Its intensity and succulence set the tone through the sweetness and crisp punch of the flavors. The silky mouthfeel melts into a smooth, tight, and grainy structure with just a hint of vegetable flavors. The wine expresses an appealing brininess and saline character.

Clearly this isn’t just a bottle of champagne y’all, it’s a champagne experience!

Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2006


Gosset 12 Ans de Cave à Minima Champagne brut–$140.00

I always get stoked about champagnes that are aged for a super long time, because I know they are going to rich, complex powerhouses. I haven’t had the chance to have the Gosset yet (better believe I will though, lol) so here’s the description that gives us champagne lovers the ideal picture of what the sipping experience will be like:

Champagne Gosset’s new limited release NV brut, 12 Ans de Cave a minima, embodies the spirit of this oldest wine house in Champagne. Crafted primarily with the opulent 2006 vintage, this wine is an equal blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from crus including Avize, Les Mesnil, Oger, Ambonnay, Aÿ, and Verzy. Bottled in 2007 and disgorged in late 2019, this wine spent over 12 years on the lees in Gosset’s caves and deftly shows the impact of long lees aging on wine without malolactic fermentation. The resulting wine – only 12,000 bottles made – retains its freshness while developing vinosity, complexity and texture.”

— Wilson Daniels

Gosset brut 12 ans de Cave a Minima


2016 Laherte Freres Champagne Les Vignes d’Autrefois Extra Brut–$80-90

I have long been a devotee of the wines created by Aurelian Laherte. I have long been a devotee of  Pinot Meunier. Aurelian Laherte is a MASTER of Pinot Meunier winemaking (and winemaking in general, honestly). If you are a devotee, too, of one or both of those things, this champagne will blow your mind. Check it:

Disgorged in February 2020, with obly 3,277 the 2016 Extra Brut Vignes d’Autrefois is 100% Meunier from vines planted in 1947 and 1964 done in neutral oak. Bright and vibrant in the glass, the 2016 offers a compelling interplay of Meunier richness with striking layers of intense minerality that open over time. Sweet floral notes add inner perfume and the closing flourishes of finesse. This is such a gorgeous wine. Dosage is 2-4 grams per liter. ” — Antonio Galloni

Disgorged this spring, the 2016 Extra-Brut Les Vignes d’Autrefois reveals scents of citrus oil, red berries and white flowers, followed by a medium to full-bodied, ample and satiny wine that’s chiseled and intense, with a tangy spine of acidity and a saline finish. It’s a pretty Champagne produced from old-vine Pinot Meunier.” –Wine Advocate

Do you really need any more convincing?

2016 Laherte Freres Champagne Les Vignes d'Autrefois Extra Brut

4.) Champagne Coolers & Buckets:

Ralph Lauren “Bailey” champagne cooler–$495.00

Anticipating that we’ll be looking to continue to entertain and be entertained outdoors as much as possible for the foreseeable future, creating a chic stash of supplies perfect for outside sipping is essential for the champagne lover. The epitome of “casual sophistication,” this super chic, classic wicker cooler begs to be used dining al fresco, on boats, and around the firepits, but will be just as at home indoors.. The cooler can hold two bottles and it’s fitted with a glass insert to absorb moisture

RALPH LAUREN HOME Bailey Double Champagne Cool

Nick Munro Gold “Trombone” Champagne Bucket–$336

This luxury stainless steel champagne bucket is guaranteed to be the star of your bar! Evoking a “contemporary sense of 30’s golden age style,” the aesthetics and functionally of the Trombone makes stylish entertaining absolutely effortless.

Trombone Champagne Cooler Gold Designed by Nick Munro

Wesley Green Swirled Ice Bucket–$148.00

I’m completely enamored with the aesthetics of this simple yet sophisticated cooler–and even more enthralled with its champagne bottle-green color! The stylish Wesley pairs resin construction with knotted leather handles is perfect for a single regular sized bottle or a trio of “piccolo” 187-ml bottles. A great addition to your bubbly serving accoutrements!

Wesley Green Swirled Ice Bucket

5.) Entertaining supplies:

Champagne Collection Cocktail Napkins linen cocktail napkins: $48.00/4–$135.00/12 (more for monogramming)

So, can we talk about how absolutely adorable and super chic these handmade embroidered linen napkins are from Charleston Cotton Shop? What I love most is that they’re super customizable:

(1) you can order, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12; (2) for embroidery you can choose your favorites champagne house bottle designs from Veuve Clicquot yellow label, Veuve Clicquot rosé, Perrier Jouët, Perrier Jouët rosé, Moët & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Ruinart, Ruinart rosé, Tattinger, Cristal, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame, Pol Roger, Krug, Piper Heidsieck, Billecart Salmon, and Bollinger; (3) you can also add a 2 or 3 letter monogram in a variety of font options!

Charleston Cotton shop champagne linen napkins


Champagne Drink Stir Sticks by PAPER BETTY–($24.00/4 sticks)

Cute, chic acrylic stirrers that are perfect for your champagne cocktails–as well as for entertaining: they’re perfect for brunch mimosa bar, bridal showers or holiday cocktail making.
Champagne Drink Stir Sticks


6.) Apparel:

Libertine Champagne Cashmere Blend Sweater–$1,750.00

Leave it to cheeky design brand Libertine to create a graphic sweater inspired by an infamous champagne label! This luxurious ribbed, long-sleeved crewneck  merino, cashmere and silk sweater has the word “cheers” in several different languages, thusly indicating your love for champagne no matter what country you travel to!

Libertine Champagne sweater

Halston “Liza” Pleated Champagne Metallic Caftan Gown–$1275.00

“Halston x Netflix capsule (a 10 piece dress collection available to preorder at Halston) takes this relationship one step further, inviting fans of the American brand to ditch their tracksuits in the name of glistening chiffon and lurex silk caftans inspired by the Netflix series. Get ready to party. Halston’s Chief Creative Officer Robert Rodriguez worked closely with Netflix costume designer Jeriana San Juan to whittle down key looks and reinterpret them on a contemporary level. The result? A collection of expertly crafted ready-to-wear pieces priced from $995 to $1,595 and named after the designer’s high-flying friends like Liza Minnelli and the Halstonettes.”

Halston-x-Netflix HALSTON Metallic 1

“Champagne Nouveau” caftan by Jennafer Grace–$238.00

If you love the glam vibe of the Halston gown but prefer a little “Bohemian splendor” with you glam, I have THE perfect option: this gorgeous, handmade, sequined, chic and shimmery Champagne Nouveau” caftan from Jennafer Grace!

Wondering just how much I truly love this caftan? Well just know that I purchased it to wear during my virtual champagne co-hosting duties for New York Champagne Week last month. It was luxurious and brought ALL of the fabulous glam girl vibes–and you can have them, too!

champagne nouveau caftan jennafer grace

Champagne + Caftans Statement Tees and Apparel–$75.00 pre-order

For years I’ve sought out and collected champagne-oriented statement tees (because, you know, I’m really about that champagne lifestyle, lol) but all I’d mostly find were repetitive, copycat designs/wording–I rarely ever found the kind of tees that truly expressed my effervescent love in smart, fun, cheeky, unique ways.

Soooo, after years of thinking about, saying I was going to, and plotting to do it, I’m not waiting until I *feel ready* anymore: I’m finally (pre-)launching my own line of premium and luxury champagne lifestyle statement tees!

Under my champagne lifestyle brand “Champagne + Caftans,” I’m creating a series of champagne-oriented exclusive tees, sweatshirts and other apparel (some of which will be limited edition), as well as some chic entertaining supplies. Tagline: “Fun wine education, but make it fashion!”™

The first line, called “Les ___ De Champagne” has 4 designs that will be emblazoned on sweatshirts, tees, and totes! Pictured is the 1st of the 4 designs, “Les Styles De Champagne.” I’ll take preorders for a very limited first run in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. To pre-order, follow Champagne + Caftans™ and DM me your size–and there may even be a incentivized introductory offer price for this first run!

Champagne + Caftans apparel launch promo pic


Judith Lieber Cheers Champagne Bottle Crystal Clutch Bag$4,695.00

“Judith Leiber Couture’s minaudieres are works of art in themselves and will look beautiful displayed at home when they’re not in use at an event. Playfully shaped like a champagne bottle , this ‘Cheers’ clutch has been crafted by artisans in Italy and is set with scores of glittering crystals. Open it up to reveal the gold leather interior.”

Judith Leiber minaudieres Champagne Bottle Cheers crystal-embellished gold-tone clutch

Mustique Champagne tee (by Pink House Mustique)–$52.00

An artfully fun statement tee that let’s the world know what you preferred beverage of choice is, this 100% jersey cotton unisex T-shirt with the print of a champagne cork and muselet (wire cage) is perfect for a casual (paired with jeans or joggers) and festive affairs (“French tucked” in a sequined skirt or velvet tuxedo pantsuit) alike.

For the uninitiated, Mustique is a private island in the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, and this tee was designed with that luxe island lifestyle in mind.


7.) Champagne Inspired Art:

Champagne Fizz print$259.00

“Champagne Fizz,” a fine art print by Willows Acrylic paint and Derwent coloring pencils, features bottles by Laurent Perrier Blason Rose, Veuve Clicquot, Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque, Taittinger, and Dom Perignon. It would work perfectly displayed over a champagne-filled bar cart.


Vintage Champagne Invoice Circa 1911–$65.00

This vintage reproduction art poster of a champagne invoice is such an aesthetically cool and fun visual, but it’s also an awesome quasi-representation of the history of champagne. Frame it with a black fillet with a gold frame and it would work beautifully in your office, dining room/kitchen, or family room. It comes in 4 sizes from 24 x 18″ all the way up to 50 x 43.5″.

Champers Art Etsy

8.) Effervescent Travel:

The Blantyre Luxury Resort Champagne Experience$730 – $1,150 (per night)

A highbrow stay at a lush, elegant, gorgeously appointed hotel mansion and estate built in 1902 with a dedicated Dom Pérignon bar? Uhm, duh–yes, please!

The Blantyre, located in the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts, is a Five-Star Relais & Châteaux resort gorgeously sprawled across 110 acres of lush lawns and wooded land with a luxury spa, gourmet dining, tennis, hiking, croquet and much more.

So let’s get back to that fabulous Dom Pérignon bar! Here’s the skinny directly from the resort: “In exclusive collaboration with Dom Pérignon, our Blantyre Salon allows guests and visitors to enjoy incredible champagne and extraordinary light bites matched to the season and to the champagnes. The Champagne Salon serves exclusive specialty vintages including Vintage Trinity, Dom Pérignon 2006, P2 Vintage 2000 and Rosé 2005.”

You’re going to need to have your wallet fully open for this experience as the champagnes are served by the bottle, including some large format bottles. Options range in price from $1150 for a bottle of Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV, to a 1998 Cuvée Dom Pérignon P3 Rosé 1998 offered for $6,200, but the champagne lover in me knows the experience would definitely be worth it.

The Blantyre Luxury Resort Champagne Experience

Camellia’s Champagne Lounge at Hotel Bennet (Charleston SC)$62.00 (tea) to $465 avg. nightly rate

Opened in 2019, there’s no better description I could write about Camellia’s than the one on the hotel’s website:

As colorful as its namesake flower, Camellias is Charleston’s premier Champagne Lounge, featuring an extensive collection of bottle and by-the-glass offerings paired with a decadent selection of caviar, charcuterie and local seafood. Additionally, Camellias offers a champagne-inspired cocktail program and a collection of delectable desserts, including the signature Camellias Cake. 

The stunning pink hue reflects a piece of Charleston history: marble that once clad the library building where Hotel Bennett stands. The marble was reclaimed, restored and now graces the bar and tabletops. The egg-shaped room design was inspired by the famous Faberge jewel boxes and features four pieces of art that depict the Camellia flower. Reflective finishes, including an etched-mirror ceiling and beautiful strings of crystal cascading from the chandelier, add both shimmer and style to the atmosphere.”

I addition to the main menu, they also have afternoon Champagne “Crown Tea” from Friday through Sunday! Priced at $62.00 per person, offerings include bites such as Blue Crab and Sweet Corn Salad Crostini; Fig and Apple Tartelette with Prosciutto, and a variety of scones, pastries, sweets, and assorted teas, with a glass of sparkling rose. Champagne by the bottle offerings include Vilmart et CieLaurent Perrier Brut RoséLassalle Brut, Dom Pérignon, and Billecart Salmon.

Must. Go. Here. Post. Haste!

Camellia's Champagne Lounge at Hotel Bennett

9.) Champagne glasses:

Lehmann Jamesse Prestige, Synergie 75 (set of 6 glasses)–$330.00

The Lehmann Jamesse Prestige collection is the result of the iconic collaboration between Lehmann Glass and Philippe Jamesse, Head Sommelier for 18 years at Domaine Les Crayères in Reims, Champagne, designed to preserve the color, “effervescence, and energy of the Champagne experience.”

Deemed “the perfect glass to enjoy vintage and rosé champagnes,” you’ll be enchanted by the shape of the bowl, the elegance of the stem, and how your senses are heightened while sipping!

Synergie 75 champagne glasses Sally Hillman

The Dom Pérignon Champagne Glass Dom Pérignon for Riedel–$35.00

This custom-made crystal champagne glass was uniquely crafted exclusively by RIEDEL specifically for the Dom Pérignon. Its design “enables the champagne and wine to express itself without exaggerating any dimension of its complexity.” A Dom lover’s dream glass.


Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson Wine Glass (set of 2)–$112.00

“Pairing wine expertise and refined design, the Jancis Robinson collection is the result of a truly collaborative cross-disciplinary partnership between the celebrated product designer Richard Brendon and world-renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson.

The Wine Glass is at the heart of the collection and has been specifically designed to offer the best tasting experience for every wine, whatever its style or strength, including Champagne, port, sherry and beyond.”

Richard Brendon x Jancis Robinson Wine Glass

10.) Scented Delights:

Mimosa fragrance by Commodity–$105.00

Are you a bottomless mimosa-fueled brunch loving babe? This fragrance is SO for you! “The best addition to Sunday brunch, this bright and luminous fragrance offers an optimistic outlook and a brilliant take on life. A marriage of bubbly champagne and tangy citruses, the fruity floral scent sparkles with notes of blood orange, mandarin and sheer jasmine.” Sounds wonderfully like all the aroma notes from a round of brunch champagne cocktails with your squad, yes? Delightful!

Mimosa perfume

Creative Energy Candles “Champagne Reserve” candle$34.00

What could be better than scenting your room with the amazing smell of champagne? Scenting your body with it! The Creative Energy Candle is an all-natural, hand-poured soy candle that, whet melted. also serves as a healthy, moisturizing, anti-aging body lotion suitable for the skin! The fragrance is described as “an effervescent blend of citrus and melon notes that are accented by orchard pear and fresh apple blossom with a base note of musk.” Who wouldn’t love smelling like that?!

The gorgeous antiqued gold-glazed mercury glass the candle is in gives off a “glamorous glow” when it’s lit–plus I love that it’s pretty enough to be reused as a vase or pencil holder once the candle is is finished.

Champagne Reserve Scented Candle

11.) Culinary Fun:

Vintner’s Kitchen Champagne and Rose Finishing Salt (4 oz Bag)–$9.00

You guys, this gorgeously hued salt is made simply from sea salt, champagne & rose petals! For the uninitiated, finishing salts are used for exactly what they sound like–sprinkling over the finished dish. Suggested uses include sprinkling over poached fish, lamb chops, couscous, kabobs, and flatbreads, but The Bubbleista also personally thinking it would e fantastic with pan roasted duck breast; emulsified with unsalted butter and poured over popcorn; and sprinkled gloriously over pommes frites, paired with a glass of champagne!

Vintner's Kitchen Champagne and Rose Finishing Salt

Torres Sparkling Wine Potato Chips–$12.00 (3 pack)

Okay bubbly lovers, these are some of the most incredible chips I’ve ever eaten. Seriously, trust me, these are divine and black truffle go HARD, too.

Imported from Spain, these boldly-flavored Torres Potato Chips are fried in high quality Spanish oil for a deep, crispy crunch. Flavored with fruity, yeasty notes that emulate sparking wine, including a slight bubbling effect, they make for an amazingly delicious and innovative snack!

Torres Sparkling Wine Chips


Compartes Moet Champagne Chocolate Truffles–$70.00

I was SO totally delighted when I discovered these!  They’re sweet delicacies with actual Moët champagne infused chocolate ganache filling. I have their traditional dark chocolate ones, but for the holidays they’re doing a gorgeous, festive, red marbleized design.

Do I even need to tell you how divine they are? Stayed tuned to my IG feed and the blog–you’ll be seeing them making an appearance in a fun, very creative, Bubbleista way!

Compartes Moet Champagne Dark Chocolate Truffles (resized)

VINOOS Flavors of Champagne Sophisticated Wine Gummies–$16

I love a “sophisticated” snack, and these fit the bill! Described as a “legal, fun…unique lifestyle Champagne wine gummy…[that] seeks to achieve the taste of that first sip,” these 100% vegan gummies are created to emulate a champagne flavor profile of “floral, botanical, and fruity,” without actually having champagne in them.

Vinoos Flavors of Champagne Wine Gummies



12.) Health | Beauty:

Champagne Body Scrub Set by That Charming Shop–$78.00

“Exfoliate and moisturize with our body scrubs and let the pink Himalayan salts and oils rejuvenate your skin refreshing blend of delicate berries. Set comes with 2 jars of body scrub, wrapped together in our signature packaging.

As natural as it is luxurious, just a small amount of our body scrubs rejuvenate the skin. Blending natural ingredients, our body scrub recipes contain a blend of natural oils and fragrance which are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Every ingredient in our recipe is cruelty free and always ethically and sustainably sourced.

Handmade in small batches in England, our body scrubs contain pink Himalayan salt, bamboo powder, apricot oil & jojoba oil.”


Roezen Champagne Oxygen Mask–$98.00

What’s more luxurious than having champagne as part of your skincare routine? The champagne-scented mask is designed to pamper your skin while giving you a gorgeously aromatic sensory experience. It’s formulated to “revive and rejuvenate dull, tired skin…ad replenish moisture,” making it perfect for using when you travel to combat arid climates as well as the dreaded, super drying airplane air.

Roezen Champagne Oxygen Mask