Fizz Friday Prosecco Facts & Find: Cavicchioli 1928

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Hello bubbly lovers! Today’s Fizz Friday post is a bit of a mashup between a Fizz Friday link round-up and a Fizz Friday Find by combining the 2 into 1 Prosecco post…a bubbly hybrid, if you will.

The lone round-up link comes to us from one of my favorite reads, the champagne and sparkling wine bi-monthly magazine known as “Glass of Bubbly,” that posted some great fun facts about Prosecco. You know that The Bubbleista is always down for learning {and sharing the knowledge!} about sparkling wine so I just knew I had to share the mag’s “Facts About Prosecco” post with you. For example, did you know:

Prosecco was originally the name of a grape and a place, but once the wine’s popularity grew, more clarification was needed to avoid just anyone using the name ‘Prosecco’. The Prosecco grape was renamed ‘Glera’ in 2010 and the Italian government created designated Prosecco zones.

To get the rest of the fun facts, you have to check out the article!

And, since we’re talking about Prosecco, of course todays’ Fizz Friday Find is of that varietal as well. I recently attended a spectacular food & wine fest {I know, I know–it seems like I am ALWAYS at a food and/or wine event…c’est la vie!} where I had the opportunity to sip a boatload of wines–both still and sparkling–and I stumbled across the Cavicchioli {/kah-VEE-kee-oh-lee/} 1928 Prosecco that really kinda wowed me.

Cavicchioli Packaging

How can you not fall in love with the pretty packaging? #IAmASuckerForAesthetics

If you follow me on Instagram {and why wouldn’t you be?!} you may remember that I did an #InstaWineReview tasting notes post on the Cavicchioli 1928 Rosé that I loved, so it’s comes as no surprise that the Prosecco reeled me in as well.

While the Cavicchioli family had been producing wines for quite some time, the Cavicchioli winery started producing wines under their name in the 1920’s when Umberto Cavicchioli transformed the workshop behind his house into a wine cellar {how’s that for a commitment?}

Considered one of their “festive pleasure” wines, the Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco DOC starts of with hand picked, “under-ripe” (to well preserve the acidity) Glera grapes which are magically and skillfully transformed into a sparkler that pale straw yellow in color.

Cavicchioli bottle in hand Cavicchioli set up

As for the flavor and taste profile, it had a great, creamy mousse with fine and lively bubbles. This was pleasing to me because the perlage of some Proseccos tend to be larger and not as persistent. Then there was the aroma–the aroma! Intense and lush and floral and fruity, I was intoxicated before I even took a sip. When I finally did put the glass to my lips the wine was bright and elegant and full on my palate with flavors of apricot, citrus, and honeydew melon, with lovely and fresh acidity.

So with the Prosecco, that makes 2 Cavicchioli sparklers that receive the #BubbleistaApproved seal of approval, so I hope you’ll try them as well. If you do try any of the Cavicchioli sparklers, tag me on Instagram with @TheBubbleista and let me know what you think!