Motivation Monday returns next week!

Motivation Monday banner (gold)

Hello, my dears! I just wanted to drop you a quick post to let you know that Motivation Monday will be making a return soon! I know these motivational posts {which I hope are just as inspiration to you as they are to me} have been, well, intermittent at best these last 3-4 weeks, but just be aware that I will never write a post just for the sake of writing one–it has to be something that I feel will really be of value to you.

With that sentiment in mind, I’ve been hard at work creating for future Motivation Monday posts. I have a big post that I’m already working on for next week as well as an epic, new Motivation Monday incarnation that I think you will absolutely love. I’m super excited about where I’m taking this inspirational series next and I hope you’ll stick around for what’s sure to be a great ride!

Wine Wednesday and Fizz Friday will still be posted this week, so be sure to check back for those posts. After that, I’ll see you next Monday for a new dose of Monday motivation to help you get through your week in the right frame of mind.

Stay tuned!