Wine Wednesday Wordologie: “V” is for “Vigneron”

Happy Wednesday, my bubbly loving darlings! Today’s Wine Wednesday Wordologie is connected to not 1 but 2 previous Wordologie posts. I just love it when the “effervescent education post fairies” link things up like that! Read on to get the gist of what I’m talking about:Wine Wed Word Vigneron defn

So remember that Wine Wednesday Wordologie post I did on grower champagnes? And remember that other post I did defining “récoltant manipulant” Well, as you can see, today’s term of effervescence is directly connected to those previous posts! Let’s dig a little into the history of vignerons a bit so that you can add another lovely layer to your champagne knowledge.

Types of Champagne Producers

According to French champagne advocacy organization Comite Champagne, here’s a brief history on these small, family/co-op owned vineyards and wineries:

Le Syndicat Général des vignerons de la Champagne (Champagne growers union or SGV)

The SGV was established in 1904 to represent all of the growers and cooperatives in Champagne. Its objectives are:

  • Economic organization of the Champagne winegrowing region
  • Providing business support to winegrowers
  • Promoting Grower Champagnes sold under the  ‘Champagnes de Vignerons’ umbrella brand
  • Les Champagnes de vignerons : the umbrella brand created for SGV growers

Les Champagnes de vignerons : the umbrella brand created for SGV growers

Champagne de Vignerons sign

Les Champagnes de Vignerons’ was introduced in 2001 by the SGV to promote the image of Grower Champagnes.

The brand represents 5000 growers and grower cooperatives, all with a common winemaking philosophy: to respect the vineyard skills that have been handed down through the generations; and to make wines that express their richly varied terroir.

“What does this post teach us” you say? Since you asked so nicely I’ll tell you exactly what it does,my dears: (1) it shows us that grower champagnes are the au currant bees knees in the champagne industry; and (2) label reading is the key to drinking more of the champagne styles you like. The more you can decipher the label, the easier it is to have the bubbly drinking experience you desire. Now you know that if you see “récoltant manipulant” or “vigneron” anywhere on a champagne label you’ll know that you’re getting the coveted grower bubbles.

{image courtesy of Dining with Bacchus}

{image courtesy of Dining with Bacchus}

So if you ever find yourself with the fortunate opportunity to ferret around in an obscure French wine shop {and if you stick with me I’ve got something AMAZING up my sleeve that just may get you that opportunity…stay tuned…} you can ferret out the exclusive and unobtainable in the states bubbly to bring back with you and become the envy off all of your champagne drinking friend.

Cheers, loves!