Fizz Friday: Jean Laurent Blanc de Noir Brut

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Happy Friday, my dears! It’s the end of the week, so it’s time to talk fizzy fabulousness. The holidays are quickly approaching {Can you believe they are almost here already?}, so I’ve decided I’m going to focus Fizz Friday posts for the next several weeks on the holidays. For example, the bubbly picks will be perfect for serving at the holiday table; fizzy holiday cocktails will be showcased; and I’ll focus on bubbly-inspired gifts perfect for a Bubbleista.

That said, let’s launch into #FizzFriday, shall we?

I was at a utterly spectacular culinary event recently called Chef for Farmers where I had the opportunity to sip over 4 dozen wines, plenty of which were sparkling. With over 50 wines at your fingertips of course it’s easy to miss sipping some just from sheer overwhelm. Fortunately I stumbled across the Jean Laurent, and my goodness was I happy that I did!

Jean Laurent Blanc de Noir

The Jean Laurent is one of  my oft-loved Récoltant-Manipulant champagnes, and it was an amazing one to boot.

As I’ve mentioned in my Wine Wednesday Wordologie series, I’ve been developing this love affair with Pinot-forward bubblies, and the Brut Blanc de Noirs is made of 100% Pinot Noir. Hashtag #OhHappyDay!

So what do I think of it? Let me start by saying this: this champagne was made for champagne hedonist. Yes, you heard me correctly: for hedonists.

Hedonist definition

This is a lush; juicy; rich; full champagne that wraps you up in a whirlwind of pleasure at the first sip {See? I told you–hedonistic}. The heavily perfumed and fragrant aroma surprises and delights your nose immediately and eyes are entranced by the tiny, beautiful, plentiful, aggressive bubbles rushing to the top of the flute.

And the palate…oh, the palate!! Sweet spices and cherry and honey and apricots and vanilla and plum and peach and almond and flowers and buttery toast roll around the tongue coupled with juicy acidity was the kind of sipping experience that makes you shut your eyes as you drink to completely relish every second of it. A creamy, elegant, lingering finish makes the experience last.

Jean Laurent Blanc de Noir bottle


As for food and wine suggestions, the Jean Laurent would pair perfectly with an opulent holiday brunch where salmon {either smoked or poached with a light creams sauce}; creamy Creole Eggs Sardou; and Chicken Fried Oysters. Don’t forget to invite me, either.

Eggs Sardou

Your guests will say “Bam!” when you serve these Emeril Lagasse Eggs Sardou at the brunch table.

Please note: do me a favor and don’t use this champagne for mimosas– you will totally cheat yourself out of experiencing the incredible flavor profile if you do! This is a bubbly worthy of sipping solo, so no mixing, okay? Then do yourself a favor and buy 2 bottles: 1 for taking to the holiday table, and the other for coveting for your own consumption. You will regret it if you don’t, you little bubbly pleasure monger, you.

Cheers to the Jean Laurent!