The Bubbleista Loves: Chic Home Office Design Inspiration

OFFICE Oakland Furniture blog coral black goldIn case you didn’t already know {but how could  you not, my dear?}, The Bubbleista is on a determined mission to achieve Champagne Empire World Domination. Yep, we’re talking entire planet-status here. Oh, and trust me, it’s gonna happen. I’ve been busy plotting, planning, learning, and executing in order to make my champagne wishes and caviar dreams come to fruition.

Hmm, now I’m suddenly craving caviar…but I digress.

In order for a girl to do all this epic global domination though, she needs a “World Headquarters,” yes? Of course! I did a micro blog post on Instagram back in April detailing how I was in the process of embarking on creating a fab home office space from which to create and work.

I’m not looking for just any old space to work from though–I need a chic space that nurtures creative energy so that I can create champagne-inspired videos {coming soon!}, come up with more fun, #WITWITBD original champagne cocktail recipes; photograph bar cart inspiration; write tasting reviews, and pen more blog posts.

In addition to all of that I’m aesthetics obsessed {what can I say, it’s the Virgo in me} so it needs to be chic yet comfy and have a relaxed vibe yet still feel luxe. I also have a defined color palette of jade green, coral-ish tones, zebra print, and gold accents which is also the on brand colors for The Bubbleista.

That said, I decided to do a round up of office spaces that have design elements that I’d like to include in The Bubbleista World Headquarters. Check them out and see what you think!

Bubbleista Approved Office Design

Palm Beach, Florida, apartment designed by William T. Georgis {from}

Palm Beach, Florida, apartment designed by William T. Georgis {}


I’d like to have a element of white marble in some capacity and this small marble conference table fits the bill. Zebra material is a must have. That desk chair with the textural material is so super chic. The green banana leaf wallpaper just plain makes me happy: not only does it have several gradient shades of green {which s a required design element} but the playful pattern is fun and conjures images of a relaxing, tropical vacation.

One caveat with this room though: you can completely skip the monkeys. I don’t “do” monkeys and, honestly, don’t get it with using them as a design element. Oh well. *shrugs*

Ann Corley design {image from bluedoorlivingblog}

Ann Corley design {image from bluedoorlivingblog}


I really need a space that has some balance and harmony and the layout of the book shelves and the pair of chairs reads super serene to me. I’ll definitely need a pair of bookcases for storing both books and the {numerous, ha ha} champagne glasses, coupes, and saucers I use for my photos, videos, and drink recipes. Plus I like the unexpected element of the pop of green inside the shelving–features that bring an unexpected delight are fun to include in a space.

Also digging the Zebra skin rug and the gold metal tone on the chair is the bee’s knees, too.

OFFICE Oakland Furniture blog coral black gold

Image from Oakland Furniture blog.


This space hits on several things that I like: the bold coral-tone in combination with the black and gold; the colorful artwork on the wall; and that gold palm tree {are you sensing my affinity for leaves yet?} lamp along with the fresh greenery make for a fun space and creative space to work in.

OFFICE Fancy-Things-Home-Office-Decor


This. Desk. This desk!!! I have been wanting this desk ever since I saw it earlier this year in home office space I saw on Instagram. It was made by high-end letterpress stationery company Sugar Paper LA for a line of furniture they made in collaboration with Target, and it was so popular that it sold out. I can see why it sold out because here are sooo many elements about it that I love so much: the linear, modern, structured lines; the clean bright, high gloss white desktop; the aesthetically pleasing way the legs frame out the desk top; and the way the entire piece isn’t visually heavy.

I’ve been trying to convince Target to bring it back, but to no avail as of yet {Target, are you listening?! According to the comments on your page I’m not the only one who’d love to see this desk return.} I’m currently on the hunt for a desk that’s similar, so if you’ve seen one like please hit me in the comments or on Instagram to let me know!


One of the extra elements I’d like to have in my office space is a little nook or area with a small table and a couple of chairs. I’m in love with the size, scale, lines, and material of the table–the gold adds luxury; the lines of the base scream chic mid-century modern; and the glass top adds reflective light to the space, plus it allows you to see the fab fabric that’s used on the chairs.

Plus the overhead statement pendant light is killer too.

OFFICE Create-Cultivate-04 The Glitter Guide

Image of the Create & Cultivate office courtesy of The Glitter Guide


Bold wallpaper; palm/banana leaves {again}; and glossy white desk–sensing a theme yet? And, in a new twist, I’m open to a traditional element: the use of cane in the furnishings.

OFFICE Magma Archivos - Magma Mexico bar cart

Image from

OFFICE Bar cart marcelina (dot) typepad (dot) com


How can you have a great Bubbleista World Headquarters without a spectacular bar car? I never watched Mad Men {nope, not a single episode} but I do’t need a television show to tell me how “necessary” it is to have a tipple at available at your fingertips when you’re in the office. Think about it: having a stressful day? Whip up a gin & tonic. Just closed a deal? Pop open a bottle of bubbly. Need  a little liquid courage before a big pitch? Have a half-shot of tequila or bourbon to steady your nerves {but just a half shot, mmkay?}. It even enables you to be a gracious host by offering a beverage should you happen to have someone visit.

And that, ladies & gents, concludes the round-up…at least for now! You know the coolest part about doing this round up of offices though? It will enable me to work virtually with a talented interior design expert, say, like, maybe Adrienne of Animal Cracker Studio {*ahem* hint, hint} who can point me in the right direction in terms of sourcing, ideas, and pulling it all together. After the awesome job she did with the 6-week design intensive known as “The One Room Challenge” this spring maybe I can even convince her to let me be her client for The One Room Challenge this fall.

I’d love your hear your feedback, ideas, and suggestions if you are so inclined–I’m always open to your input! Be sure to stay tuned to see my fab home office project–and the World Domination that will ensue thereafter–come to life as it progresses!