What In The World Is The Bubbleista Drinking: “Roses and Rosé French 75″

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Bonjour, loves! I’m back with another installment of “What In The World Is The Bubbleista Drinking,” or WITWITBD for acronym lovers {wink}! It’s been a minute since my last WITWITBD post, but I’m coming back with guns a’ blazin’!

If you missed my post earlier this week, this Saturday June 10th marks World Gin Day! It’s the perfect excuse reason to experiment and indulge in some botanical goodness! Now here is where things get extra interesting: this June 10th also marks National Rosé Day, too!

Cocktail. Sipping. Score.

It seems that the 2nd Saturday of June every year marks both World Gin Day and National Rosé Day, so that means it’s a wine and cocktail two-fer! Not one to ever feel the need to have to chose, I decided to come up with a concoction that combines both boozes into one cocktail so I could have ‘em both.

Behold, the Roses & Rosé French 75! It’s got all of the classic components of a traditional French 75, plus a couple of Bubbleista twists! Pus it’s so delicious and super simple to make–in fact, I’ve made it extra easy for you by providing gin recommendation to help you decide which one to use to make this cocktail.

Sipping these Rosé French 75s poolside or at a weekend brunch is the perfect way to spend this most auspicious, ahem, *holiday,* yes? Get the recipe below!

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This cocktail works beautifully with gin that has floral notes in the botanical blend and a rosé that has some structure. The fun addition of the rose lemonade makes the cocktail a little bit lighter–it’s optional, but if you’re skipping it then increase the lemon juice to 2 ounces. 
WITWITBD Roses & Rose' French 75