A Rare and Special 2019: Champagne Salmon Special Club Bubbleista Wine Review

Champagne Salmon pic 1For that last several weeks I’ve been hearing the same words repeatedly ringing in my head whenever I began to think about 2019 in any capacity: Be intentional…be intentional…be intentional… No matter what aspect of the new year I was thinking about, those words kept coming back.

So when I asked the hubs which #champagne he wanted to drink to ring in the new year {you HAD to know I’d be drinking LOTS of champagne for the new year, right?} and he replied with “Let’s have something that’s rare and special,” it felt like kismet because his response was in perfect alignment with those same words that I kept hearing again and again.

Intentionally beginning 2019 in a “rare and special” way seemed like the perfect tone to set for the entire year: seeking out rare experiences in life in order to create as many special moments as possible. ️{#2019goals}

And that is exactly why I went into the “The Bubbleista champagne vault” and decided on popping the cork on the Champagne Salmon “Special Club” 2012 vintage.

So what makes the Champagne Salmon Special Club so rare and special? You always ask the best questions, my bubbly lovers.

For starters, most champagnes are created primarily of a blend of Chardonnay + Pinot Noir  {except in the cases of Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs champagnes, which are made from 100% Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, respectively} with a splash {usually less than 20%} of Pinot Meunier added to the blend.

But not the Champagne Salmon! It, my dears, is comprised of 100% Pinot Meunier. {#winerebel}

Champagne Salmon flat lay

In addition to its unique grape profile, what also makes the bubbly special is that it is a “Special Club” champagne. Special Club, or Club Trésors de Champagne, was originally founded in 1971 comprised of artisan wine makers, selected from the finest areas of the Champagne region that are recognized for the quality of their work. Originally started with 12 of the oldest families of the Champagne region. The Club now has 28 members.

Special Club champagnes always represent the tête de cuvée (premier bottling) wine that is made only in outstanding vintage years, and only from those grapes harvested directly from a club member’s own vineyards.  Fancy, huh?

So how does it taste? You are two for two with asking fab questions today, loves! Check out my review below:

THE NOSE: this wine is actually a Zero Dosage champagne so I was pleasantly surprised to pick up light honeyed notes, which is interesting because this champagne is bone-dry {contains virtually no sugar and absolutely no sweetness}.  Other aromas included toasted almonds and baked bread.

THE PALATE: the first flavors that immediately jumped out at me were biscuits, cream, and lemon curd. It made me instantly think about the flavors you’d experience at a formal English Champagne Tea. Other flavors include green apple and delicate floral notes. The flavors were rounded out by tight minerality and crisp acidity that still remained bright and fresh.

THE VERDICT: This is a sophisticated wine that’s definitely for the deep champagne lover. Because of its distinct flavor profile this champagne shines brightest and sings it highest notes when paired with food. Come to think of it, this would be the perfect choice for that aforementioned English champagne tea. Scones, anyone? {wink}

The Champagne Salmon Special Club 2012 is only going to get better with age, so I’ll be saving my other bottles for sipping at a later date and I’ll see how the flavor profile changes. Special Club champagne not only aren’t produced frequently, but they are also small production–so if you come across this one make sure you buy as many bottles as your budget can handle–you won’t regret it!

Speaking of change is a perfect segue to say cheers to all the wonderful changes that 2019 is sure to bring to you and your, y’all! Cin cin!