The Ultimate Champagne Lovers Holiday Gift Guide Volume IV

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Happy Holidays to my #BubbleistaChampagneSquad and bubbly lovers around the world! It’s December, so you know what time it is: time for my annual ultimate gift guide for champagne lovers!

Every year I choose 12 fantastic gifts–a nod to the Twelve Days of Christmas– and create the ultimate gift guide for those of us who are in love iuth the effervescent drink.

Now I know that there are a few other wine and champagne gift guides out there, but trust me when I tell you that none of the match up to the one this champagne obsessed girl creates every year! My guide guides are always a fabulously curated list comprised of a combination of fun, luxe, accessible, aspirational, and truly distinctive picks to please every type of champagne and bubbly lover.

That said, time to kick-off this list in what has become my traditional fashion:

On your {shopping} marks…

Get {your credit cards} set…


Gift Guide IV Rare le Secret champers bottle wht bckgd

1.) Piper Heidsieck Rare Le Secret + Mellerio Bejeweled Champagne Magnum: $126,703.16

The Rare Le Secret magnum is “an exceptional, exclusive cuvée from Piper-Heidsieck prestige brand Rare Champagne and fine jeweller Mellerio” created just in time for holiday gifting!

Dating all the way back to 1785, Piper-Heidsieck is one of the oldest French champagne houses {also known as a “Maison”}. The Maison cleverly decided recently to team up with one of the oldest French “jewelry dynasties” Mellerio–a fave jeweller of Marie Antoinette!–to create this beautifully bejeweled magnum containing Piper’s champagne from am 1997 harvest called “Rare Le Secret.”

Each magnum is luxuriously adorned with a one-carat bejewel centerpiece {your choice of a sapphire, ruby, or emerald} and from it flow ribbons of white and yellow gold encrusted with over 500 diamonds. To really gild the lily, the muselet (the wire cage holding the cork in place) is 24 carat, solid gold.

Only 1000 magnums have been produced and they are available in Harrods until December 15th, so hop–or should I say shop–to it!!

Gift Guide IV Brandon Maxwell champs bag pic 2

2.) Brandon Maxwell Acrylic and Brass Champagne Box Handbag: $1,795.00

This cheeky, gorgeous acrylic and brass handbag made an absolute, well, “splash” on the runway during fashion week when Gigi Hadid was seen rocking it. Created by designer Brandon Maxwell, the bag was intentionally designed {check out the mini pedestal at the bottom of the bag} to perfectly hold a bottle of champagne. It’s accented with a chic little “B” shaped lock {B for “Bubbleista,” perhaps? No? It’s for “Brandon,” you say? Hmph, whatever…} on the front–it’s perfect for the effortlessly fashionable champagne girl on the go.

Come to think of it, why not up the gift-giving ante: this bag would be the perfect accessory to show off the above aforementioned bejeweled Piper Heidsieck…just sayin’…
Gift Guide IV Mignonne Gavigan rose champagne earrings

3.) Mignonne Gavigan Rose Champagne Earrings: $425.00

 If there were ever a pair of earrings made for me–*ahem*–a champagne-obsessed, beautiful jewelry lover, these would be it! At 4-inches long, these are definitely statement earrings. I love the gorgeous pink, gold, black, and bronze micro-beading and the sweet, authentic details like the word champagne on the label; a beaded “cork;” and the crystal stone top that looks like bubbly showering from the top.
These are so chic and stylish–perfect whether you’re rocking a white tee and jeans outfit or a little black dress.
Gift Guide IV Lehman Champagne flutes

4.) Jamesse Prestige Champagne Flute by Lehmann: $40.00/glass

A partnership between Philippe Jamesse, chef-Sommelier extraordinaire at Michelin-starred Domaine Les Crayeres, in Reims, France, and famed glassware maker Lehmann Glass has produced this beautiful and super functional Jamesse Grand Champagne wine glass flute. This sin’t your average, ordinary flute though! The glass was designed with a unique shape that not only helps the bubbles form but also last longer and burst at exactly the right place, which in turn release the champagne’s aromatics and allows the aromas to deepen and develop.
The glass is said to be best for complex or older bottles of champagne like vintage champagnes, but I’d still use them for any bottle of bubbly I wanted to enhance the enjoyment of!
Gift Guide IV J Crew Champagne tee

5.) J Crew “Champagne” tee: $36.50

Described as the “perfect-fitting graphic T-shirt…made for fellow bubbly lovers,” this shirt is emblazoned with the names of several different types of sparkling wine, with the word champagne decked out in white sequins to make it, well, “pop.”
I have this shirt and every time I wear I get très compliments. It comes in golden ruby but, at this price, do yourself a favor and buy a couple for good measure.
Gift Guide IV Virgil-Abloh-Moet-Chandon-1200x675

6.) Moët & Chandon x Virgil Abloh Limited Edition Nectar Imperial Rosé: $68.00

Virgil Abloh is red-hot, y’all. If you don’t know who he is, allow me to introduce him to you. In March of 2018 Abloh–the 37-year-old designer behind the *white hot* cult brand Off-White–was named artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear and in the process made history as the first African-American to conceptualize a complete line for the legendary French fashion house.
Not one to be an underachiever, he followed-up that feat in June with another collaboration, this time with with the LVMH luggage brand Rimowa to create “the much-talked-about transparent polycarbonate suitcase.”Abloh is known for emblazoning his designs with words and phrases, so for his latest collab with Moët & Chandon, he chose the phrase “DO NOT DROP.” A wise admonishment for such precious cargo!
 Want to know what the champagne tastes like? Check out Bubbleista Wine Review by clicking here!
Gift Guide IV Aminah Jillili shoes

7.) Aminah Abdul Jillil Champagne Platform Sandals: $298.00

What I love about all of the shoes designed by Aminah Abdul Jillil is the lightness, femininity, distinctiveness, structure, and whimsy that they are designed with. And when you think about it, aren’t those very adjectives also synonymous with some of the best champagnes?
The open toe sandals are great for year-round wear and they pair perfectly with a night out on the town drinking copious amounts of champagne.
Gift Guide IV Coup de Sade champagne

8.) Coup de Sade champagne 2004 Vintage Brut Platinum Edition Gift Box Set: $200.00

 Most champagne gift sets include a set of glasses, but for a champagne that bills itself as the champagne for rebels and rule breakers, it’s clear that the status quo just won’t do: rather than have wine glasses, Coup de Sade champagne gift sets include a saber to open your bottle with!
You say you’ve got no experience with wielding a saber? No worries! Each bottle is hand assembled with patented technology so that a simple strike from the included metal saber opens it. It also comes with a a fitted pourer so that the champagne gets into your glass with ease.
Even better is that I actually had the opportunity to drink this champagne back in August and I can happily report that it is actually quite delicious.
Gift Guide IV Sugarfina Bento Box

9.) Sweet and Sparkling Bento box: $65.00

Sugarfina, one of the pioneers in the champagne-laced candy game, is back at it with their ultimate candy box for bubbly lovers! The 8-piece “Sweet and Sparkling Bento Box”  includes one “Bubbly Bears;” one “But First, Rosé;” one Champagne Bears; one Champagne Bubbles; one Golden Truffle Eggs; one Peach Bellini; one Sparkle Pops; and one Sugarfina Pearls.
I’d not only have these to satisfy my sweet tooth, but I’d also use them as fun garnishes for champagne cocktails!
Gift Guide IV Markus Lupfer Kate champagne tee

10.) Marcus Lupfer Champagne Girl Sequin Kate Tee: $160.00

 What’s better than wearing your heart on your sleeve? Your love for champagne on your shirt, of course! Love the sequin embellishments of this fun and cheeky design of a lady that seems to thoroughly be enjoying fully “indulging” herself in an oversize coupe of champagne. This tee is just right for creating an effortlessly stylish look while letting the world know you’re definitely a champagne kind of lady.
Just FYI, Atterly is in the UK, but the shipping to the US is still f-r-e-e.
Gift Guide IV Ichendorf TuTu Champagne flutes

11.) Ichendorf Tutu Champagne Flute {Set of 4}: $60.00

 With it’s curvaceous, flirty, frilly skirt-looking base, it isn’t hard to see why this fute is named “Tutu.” The lines of the flutes is creative, feminine, and modern all at the same time and are ideal for entertaining,a day of luxe style self care, or special occasions. Like a sunny Tuesday. Or a rainy Wednesday. You get the picture.
Gift Guide IV pink champagne bath salts

12.) Pink Champagne Bath Salts by Bath House: $6.00

 Dripping in champagne starts ; Handmade in Great Britain using the finest sea salt and delicious fragrance. Add a spoonful to a bath to soften and scent the water. With 97% natural ingredients.