Wine Wednesday Wordologie: “P” is for “Prise de Mousse”


Wine Wed Word Prise de mousse

First you tear of the metallic foil.

Then you loosen the cage and ever so gingerly loosen the cork until it gently pops out.

Your pour yourself a glass and bring the flute towards your mouth. The effervescence pleasantly tickles your nose a bit.

The glass comes to your lips and you take a sip of delicious creamy bubbly goodness.

It’s official: you entered champagne shangri-la.

And you know what you have to thank for that electric experience? Prise de Mousse, of course!

Wine Wed Word Prise de mousse defn

We’ve discussed second fermentation in previous Wine Wednesday Wordologies before, and second fermentation is exactly what Prise de Mousse is all about. This phase is crucial for obtaining the high quality bubbles full of finesse that the best quality champagnes are known for.

Bottles of wine going through the 2nd fermentation.

Bottles of wine going through the 2nd fermentation.

And you know what’s extra cool about this phrase? It’s also referred to as the “birth of the champagne.” Those clever French and their fanciful, enchanting way with words!

So why not have a little fun and put your newly learned terminology into action? The next time you order a bottle of champers in a restaurant ask the wine girl or guy “So can you tell me a little bit about the Prise de Mousse for this champagne?” You’ll be entertained as you watch as surprise registers in their facial expression, or be entertained when they respond with “the prissy what?”

Ah, thanks for the fun times, Wordologie.  Until next time, my dears!