What’s Poppin’ In 2017: Expect Bubbleista Land Fun In The New Year


What’s poppin’, my bubbly lovers! Welcome to 2017! Whether your 2016 was glorious or, well, less than so, there’s one undeniable fact: you made it through to see a new year.

In addition to a brand new 365 days, guess what else there is to celebrate? It’s my 2-year BLOG-A-VERSARY! That’s right, on January 5, 2014, I launched the effervescent-ness that is “The Bubbleista” into the world with this post on social media, and I’ve never looked back:


A new year + the anniversary of any auspicious event naturally brings about thoughts, hopes, plans of new beginnings, and doing new things in new ways, and in #BubbleistaLand it’s no exception!

Yep, we’re going to be doing things a bit differently around these parts and I couldn’t be more excited about these changes that are designed to delight and enchant you, the best bubbly lovers in the world!

We’re starting to hit our stride with what works and the direction to take the website in next, so there are lots of cool changing coming down the pipeline in the coming months.

That said, here are the kinds of posts you can expect to see every single month, in some combination or another:

  • Bubbleista original champagne cocktail recipes {oh what fun I have i store for you with these–time to get creative!}

  • Food recipes {The Bubbleista hasn’t placed in cooking contests for nothin’, darling!}

  • Travel tips, destination recommendations & reviews, insider info on events, and trip recaps

  • Champagne reviews {I’ll be your personal fab guinea to let you know which bubbles are worthy of your champagne stash}

  • Champagne terminology lessons {Yep, I’m bringing “Wordologie” back, revamped, to help you learn more Champagnese!}

  • Effervescent Lifestyle posts {think champagne-inspired entertaining idea and bubbly experiences}

  • Champagne news links round-ups {can’t be a true #ChampagneObsessed Bubb without knowing the fun goings-on in the champs world}


I’ll plan to get back to posting more regularly too, so starting the week of January 9th I’ll aim to post every Tuesday and Friday each week.

Also be on the lookout for a blog face lift and redesign–gotta keep things fresh, yes?–in the next few months too. It’s a fabulous time to be a resident of #BubbleistaLand, so sign be sure to sign up for my newsletter that will have special, exclusive perks for the serious bubbly lover.

Thanks for taking this exciting journey with me–may all our champagne wishes and dreams come to life this year!

Champagne cheers, darlings!