Wine Wednesday: Ask the Bubbleista!

Ask The Bubbleista (main)I get questions about champagne all the time–in my inbox; via social media; over text message; and even in person. It happens all. the. time.

“How do I open a bottle of bubbly without spraying champers everywhere?”

“Isn’t all champagne the same?”

“What kind of bubbly is the best for making mimosas?”

“How do I know which bubbly to pick?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if I started fielding questions via smoke signal; Morse code; and carrier pigeon next {ha}. But I don’t mind at all though. After all, I suppose getting questioned about bubbly is par for the course when you are #ChampagneObsessed and you let the world know it. Plus, if we’re being totally honest, champagne can be a little…well…confusing, and even bit intimidating.

Who Can I Ask The Bubbleista Thought Bubble

That said, it’s my mission to educate more people about champagne {while simultaneously convincing them to drink it more often, too!} so that everyone can enjoy it more. It’s important that I consistently provide lots of great information {like I did with thisthis…and this too}, but even more important is that I provide the right kind of information people are looking for. So how do I do that most effectively? Simple: I ask!

In short, I need to know what it is that YOU need to know.

Ask the Bubbleista That’s why I’m starting this new series called “Ask the Bubbleista.” I want you, my darlings, to feel free to ask me all the questions about bubbly you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid weren’t sure you should ask.

So here’s how it gonna work:

  • You think of a question {or questions!} that you want the answer to
  • No, there are no dumb questions
  • Put your question in the comments {or if you’re a shy little thing, you can email me} section of the post
  • Once I compile a few questions I’ll start doing “Asked & Answered” {a little nod to you lawyers our there} where I’ll alternate between answering your questions here on the blog and on Instagram {make sure that you follow me on Instagram so that you don’t miss any of the action!}.

And here’s a bonus: every quarter, beginning in April, I’m going to give a bottle of bubbly at random to someone who submits a question.

But, like the lottery, you have to play in order to win, so sound off with your questions in the comments now!

Cheers to the start of “Ask the Bubbleista,” and its adopted mantra “Mo’ bubbles, no problems!”

I believe Biggie would have approved.