Fizz Friday Fab Four Links Roundup

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Happy #FizzFriday, darlings! Check out this week’s links round-up with the latest and great info, tidbits, and fun going on in the world of champagne and sparkling wine!

{1} Italian Police Uncover Counterfeit Champagne Scheme

Photo by Guardia di Finanza courtesy of

Photo by Guardia di Finanza courtesy of

Champagne Industry Rule no. 4080, Champagne counterfeiters are shaaaadddyyyy {classic hip-hop lovers will get that reference}. This story is proof positive of why you need The Bubbleista in your life: to avoid the fizzy fake-ness. Well I am like the Pied Piperess of bubbly, you know…

{2} Duval-Leroy Champagne is Gettin’ Vegan With It


The Duval-Leroy Champagne portfolio {image credit Decanter Magazine}

Who knew veganism had a place in champagne?

Apparently Champagne Duval-Leroy determined that it does, as it has made it entire portfolio “vegan-friendly” through employing production methods the Champagne House deems to be more natural. Find out how they’re doing it and why it’s actually pretty cool.

{3} A Champagne Brunch of My Dreams

Makati Diamond Residence buffet

Alfred restaurant where the champagne brunch goodness happens {image courtesy of Makati Diamond Residences}

Most of us poor souls are relegated to only being able to partake of a champagne brunch just one measly day a week. The Makati Diamond Residences {in Manila, Philippines} scoffs at the idea of the once-a-week idea and have made the champagne brunch available every. Single. Day.

Finally, someone who truly understand my needs!

May I add that this isn’t just any old bubbly brunch either. The Makati is serving premium Grower Champagnes and super luxurious cuisine offerings such {the highly coveted} Bottarga; Fois Gras Macarons {!!!}; and Jamon Iberico.

Now for the sad news: rumor has it that the buffet may only be running through the end of March. Hmmm, perhaps some travel to the Makati Diamond Residences should be in order soon…

{4} Everything’s Coming Up Rosés

{image courtesy}

{image courtesy}

It is unseasonably warm where I live {it’s going to be in the low 70’s this weekend!} and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I am so not a cold-weather person. All of the balmy temps and warm sunshine definitely has me in a springtime frame of mind, and what could be more warm weather wine apropos than rosé?

In the spirit of spring, check out Martha Stewart’s {my #TheMarthaStewartOfChampagne namesake, ha} Lillet Rosé Spring Cocktail.

*BONUS: This Saturday is #OTBN, also known as “Open That Bottle Night!” It’s a day invented to encourage people to open that bottle of wine they’ve been saving for a special occasion since every single day that we’re alive is special. Join in on the fun by posting your pics on social media {especially Twitter} with the hashtag #OTBN, and don’t forget to also follow me on Instagram to see what bottle{s} I’ll be popping open!

Avoir un grand weekend”–Have a great weekend, darlings!