15 Fabulous Champagne-centric Instagram Accounts You Must Follow Now

Champagne Instagram Accounts graphic

Whether it’s Moet Monday; Taittinger Tuesday;  Wine Wednesday; Thirsty Thursday; Fizzy Friday; Sipping Saturday; or Champagne Sundays {detecting a pattern here?}, everyday is the perfect day to drink bubbly in The Bubbleista’s book!

Because I’m #ChampagneObsessed, I follow a ton of champagne-centric brands and feeds on Instagram in my quest to live #AnEfervescentLifestyle. Instagram is definitely one of my favorite social media platforms because of the great imagery, but I also love it for the story-telling that goes on there as well. Photo and video captions from short and witty, to heartfelt and lengthy provide moments of humor; thought; advice; and inspiration every day.

Whether you are in need of some champagne & food pairing ideas; want to explore new bubbly brands to try; could use a good tongue-in-cheek wine chuckle; are looking for more excuses reasons to drink champagne; or just plain want to see some gorgeous images, these accounts will inspire, incite, and inform.

Ready to see what feeds make me bubble over with excitement {sorry, I just couldn’t resist}? Read and click to discover the 15 Champagne-centric Instagram Accounts that I’m absolutely loving for a daily dose of effervescent inspiration.

1.) Glass of Bubbly

Glass of Bubbly mag Insta pic

Glass Of Bubbly® is “an internationally read bi-monthly Champagne and sparkling wine magazine, the first and only magazine dedicated to the sparkling wine industry read by both consumers and industry.”

This is a great account for lovely  images and is also a great source of information on, and for those in, the champagne and sparkling wine industry {like yours truly!}

2.) Krug Champagne US

Instagram Krug 2

The phrase “Happiness is a continuous act of creation” in this feed’s description tells you exactly what this curated feed strives for in it’s imagery. For the record, they succeed quite well in accomplishing exactly what they strive for.

I love how this feed feels like it’s a lifestyle you can aspire to. In fact, I can easily picture myself smack dab in the middle of any one of the photo scenarios.

Another thing I love most about this feed is the regular sneak peeks of the fabulous champagne events that they host. Speaking of which, what exactly does a bubble-loving champagne blogger have to do to be personally included in some of these lovely champagne shindigs? And the geographic location of the event is of no consequence, Krug–I WILL fly for champagne.

If you just can’t get enough Krug and want an even more exclusive, private insider’s peek of the champagne house’s world, check out Olivier Krug’s account @krugoli. Bonjour Monsieur Olivier!

3.) The Champagne Dame

Kyla hosting a champagne and cheese tasting event.

Kyla hosting a champagne and cheese tasting event.

Kyla Kirkpatrick, also know as “The Champagne Dame,” is based in Australia, but has a deep affinity for French champagne. Kyla’s love for the effervescent elixir inspired her to leave a highly successful corporate career behind to open a wine bar, but even that didn’t lessen the siren song that was calling to her from the Champagne region.

So what did she do? Sold the bar to spend several months in Champagne where she meet with and learned from many of the families in the region. There she got intimate knowledge of the industry and her new career in champagne was born! Kyla hosts champagne tastings as well as travel to Champagne–and she’s fun and cheeky to boot.

4.) Champagne Worldwide

Instagram Champagne Worldwide pic Pommery

If travel and champagne are your jams, then you will be tickled pink by this account. And when they say “worldwide” they mean it!

Gorgeous scenery from all over the globe–Italy; France; the Maldives; and Norway, to name a few locales–is often the gloriously gratuitous and beautiful backdrop for bottles of bubbles from a variety of champagne brands.

Be warned though: you may have a irresistible urge to board a plane to see the world and drink champagne after perusing this feed.

5.) Veuve Clicquot

Instagram Veuve Clicquot

Let’s put the cards on the table: Veuve Clicquot has done a spectacular job of drawing me into the lovely web that their brand weaves. I’ve gone to quite a few Veuve events over the years–think champagne dinners; Veuve traveling tours; and the annual polo matches–and I’ve also written about them too {see here…and here..and also here…and then there’s here}. One thing is for sure: they have mastered the art of how to show you a good time, while also serving you a great glass of champagne.

So how do they do it? A March article published on Digiday.com did a great job delving into the brand’s objective of making champagne appealing by making it aspirational yet still attainable. To be honest, their visuals are just downright enchanting, and I love every bit of it.  Check out their feed and you’ll be enchanted too.

6.) The Bubbleista


Instagram The Bubbleista 2

Uhm, you HAD to know this was coming! My Instagram feed is chock-full of effervescent adventures: bubbly recommendations; #InstaWineReviews; food + wine parings; travel; behind-the-scenes/insider peeks; plus my own special brand of wit.

I’m also about to start infusing my feed with more lifestyle posts, such as my won original food and champagne cocktail recipes, as well as posts like this one that indulge your love of the bubble.

If we aren’t Insta-friends already, click the link and follow me so that you can join me for champagne nirvana in #BubbleistaLand!

 7.) Champagne XS

Instagram Champagne XS

This Instagram account is gloriously gratuitous eye candy for the champagne hedonist. In fact, @Champagne_XS bills itself as “The original electronic gateway to a daily dose of champagne gratification.”

Enough said, yes?

8.) Ruinart Champagne

Instagram Ruinart

This is one of the most inventive and aesthetically fluid champagne house accounts that’s out there. If you don’t get what I mean by that, envision a beautiful, long tablescape vignette with champagne, flowers, and food displayed over the course of 18 individual frames–this champagne house makes it a point to create stunning imagery!

Ruinart tends to frame and group their images in themes, and they signal the change monthly. It makes for a very visually appealing feed that will make you fall in love with champagne all over again.

9.) Sherri’s Champagne

Instagram Sherris Champagne

Sherri is one of my #ChampagneSisters form another Mister, because she adores “farmer fizz” like I do. She loves them so much in fact that she created a Champagne Club consisting solely of  grower champagnes where you can sign up to receive 6 bottles twice a year.

She does tastings too, so if you’re in the Bay Area be sure to check her out. I’ll be signing up for Sherri’s Champagne Club soon and look forward to explore and sipping the small production bubbles–and you know I’ll blog about it once I do!

 10.) Champagne Charlie London

Instagram Champagne Charlie London

Champagne makers put a lot into their packaging, from the labels to the corks to the wire cages to the bottles. It seems like such a shame to throw them away. Well Champagne Charlie says you don’t have to! They recycle and adapt “Champagne bottle products into unique gifts and present ideas,” so if you’re #ChampagneObsessed and you like to shop, this might be the place for you!

Check them out for champagne bottle candles and lamps–and other gifts too.

11.) Champagne Taittinger

Instagram Taittinger 2

One of the reasons that Champagne Taittinger is one of my favorite champagne Instagram accounts to follow is because it makes drinking champagne feel like it should be part of your daily life. And why shouldn’t it be? There’s no need to reserve champagne for special occasionswhen you can celebrate the “everyday,” every day!

I’m looking at my watch…is it #TaittingerTime yet? I say yes! Oui, s’il vous plaît!

12.) Champagne Bureau, USA

Instagram Champagne Bureau

The Champagne Bureau is the “Official U.S. representative of the Comité Champagne (CIVC). The CIVC is a trade association that represents the grape growers & houses of Champagne, France and they want you to know something important: that authentic champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France.

If you’ve spent a little time on TheBubbleista.com then you know I’ve pointed out and talked about different types of sparkling wines. Champagne is distinct in its history, terrior, and artisan production techniques, and the Champagne Bureau wants you to know it.

I know I haven’t done an installment of my “Wine Wednesday Wordologie” champagne and bubbly vocabulary lessons in a loooonnnnngggg time {it’s coming back, I promise!}, but in the meantime the Bureau has a cool and fun champagne quiz that can help you learn a lil’ somethin’.

13.) Wearing Memories

Instagram Wearing Memories

It’s takes no stretch of the imagination to believe that tons of special memories are made over a bottle of champagne: wedding toasts; engagement celebrations; “cheers-ing” a new job; or a night out on the town with good friends often start and end with bubbly. Those are the moments in life that we wish would last forever.

Well the lovely lady behind the biz Wearing Memories says that they can! Wearing Memories allows you to wear the cap of the wire champagne cage as your own beautiful jewelry, like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even cuff links. It’s lasting reminder that can “bring joy every time you recall them.”

Looking for a stockist of Wearing Memories specifically in your area? Check out @perthchampagnebling and @frenchybubbles, too.

Bubbly bling–isn’t that brilliant?!

14.) The Champagne Chick

Instagram The Champagne Chick

I love this account for when I want a good dose of champagne-related comical cheekiness! The “chick” behind the champagne account lists beautiful Cape Town, South Africa as her bubbly stomping grounds and definitely lives up to her motto “For the love of all things bubbly.”

I look forward to meeting this #ChampagneSister in person one day on her home turf in Cape Town so we can sip copious amounts of bubbly together!

Hashtag #ChampagneTravelDreams

15.) B Ricky No

Instagram B Ricky No

I had to include one especially for the #ChampagneMisters {and those that love them!} and this pick is a fab one. If luxe watches; swanky suiting; sumptuous food; an spectacular travel scenery are your thing, then B Ricky is the dude to know {see what I did there?}.

Even better? He has dubbed himself the “Sabrage master.” If you don’t know the coolness that is the art of sabrage, check out this post I wrote for quick learning sesh. Or you can see it in action right here on B Ricky’s page.

Did I miss any of your favorite Champagne Instagram accounts? Let me know who I should have included in the comments–I love discovering new sources of effervescent inspiration!

Champagne cheers!



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