Fab Four For Friday Links Round-up: Champagne on Ice Edition

Moet Ice Imperial Nuit du Champagne

Just in time for your Fourth of July holiday grilling activities are some “hot links” {Get it? Hot links? People barbecue for the 4th? Ah hell, never mind.} for your long weekend reading pleasure.

I just made a post on Instagram this week about trying Moet Ice Impérial for the very first time and then, as kismet would have it, it turns out I am perfectly on trend with what is being purported as the “disruptive” hit of the summer when it comes to bubbly: sipping champagne over ice.

This week’s round-up contains links with all the info on why this trend is catching on; the brands and places that allow you to try the trend for yourself; and other out-of-the-box ways you can use champagne to keep cool all summer long.


Who needs BREXIT when you’ve got Bubbles

Moet Ice Imperial Bubbles Bar Liverpool

UK Pop-up Champagne bar: It seems that the champagne on ice trend is taking the world by storm. This summer Liverpool is launching a pop-up called The Bubble Bar, billed as “Liverpool’s first waterfront Champagne Lounge & Beach Club.” They’ve trained their staff especially for giving patrons the true experience of being in St. Tropez and Ibiza, with a big part of that experience including sipping bubbly on ice.

Check it out and decide for yourself if you’d be up for sipping your bubbly on the rocks. And if you happen to find yourself in Liverpool this summer be sure to visit and tell me what you think!

From Fizzy “Faux Pas” to Fab

Veuve Clicquot Rich promo pic

Champagne on the rocks is the drink of the summer: “Champagne on the rocks? This is a drink that just a few years ago looked and sounded like – indeed was – a faux pas. Right now, though, amongst the parasols and yachts of the French Riviera and the gleaming bars of London, champagne over ice is a thing.” Click here to read why this is being considered the drink of the summer thanks, in part, to Veuve.

Sip Rosé in LA When You’re Thir-stay


Möet Roll out of Rose Ice Imperial: “You are not supposed to put ice in your Champagne. It dilutes the wine. At least that’s the thinking among most wine experts. But that rule doesn’t apply to the winemakers at Möet Chandon, who are hoping you’ll sip their new Möet Ice Imperial Rosé on ice, on a  95-degree sunlit rooftop deck in Los Angeles.

The wine, which will start showing up in select Los Angeles bars in mid July, was made specifically to be sipped on ice in Los Angeles or Miami.”

You’re Jiggling Baby

Recipe for Brits Champagne Jelly Jello

Champagne Jello recipe perfect for your summer soirees: Continuing with the theme of on-trend ways to enjoy champagne include bubbly treats–“Made from scratch, the dessert the Brits call jelly can be downright elegant. Flavored with sparkling wine, strawberries and rose water, it’s irresistible.”

Don’t feel like sweating over a hot stove to make these? Take a short cut and order the Sugarfina Champagne Bears made with Dom Perignon instead.


I’m  a non-status quo overachiever when it comes to champagne and entertaining, so I’m going to do the absolute most and make Sugarfina gummy bear ice cubes, and then put them into my Ice Imperial or Rich champagne. I have no problem officially declaring myself #TheHostessWhoDoesTheAbsoluteMostess.

Fabulous pictures forthcoming. {wink}

Would you be wiling to to try giving champagne on ice a whirl this summer? If you’ve already tried it, what do you think?

Cheers to “disruptive” drinking this summer!