What in the World is The Bubbleista Drinking: “Sang et Fleurs” (Blood & Roses) Champagne Cocktail

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my What in the World is The Bubbleista Drinking?!” {#WITWITBD} microblogging posts detailing the deliciousness that I’ve discovered (and am imbibing) while out and about at bars ad restaurants that I think you, my beloved bubbly-loving darlings, will adore sipping as well.

Well, you know, I got to thinking. Why just limit my WITWITBD cocktailery to social media when I can also do full blog posts right here on TheBubbleista.com showcasing my own original champagne cocktail creations and skills too?

I know–it a no brainer, right? That said, It’s time for an official blog post edition of  “What in the World is The Bubbleista Drinking?!”

I say “official” first post because I’ve created and blogged about a few original champagne cocktails before {check them out here, here, and oh, here too} in the past, but I realized that I have soooo many more cocktail ideas inside this champagne-loving brain of mine that I knew I needed to extend the #WITWITBD series here on the blog.

So if you are as excited as I am, let’s get to the deliciousness that is the “Blood & Roses” champagne cocktail, shall we?

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The “sang” (French for “blood”) part of this cocktail comes from, of course, blood oranges. Blood oranges, with their rich and unique hue, are in season from December through May (though the exact months vary depending on what type of blood orange you’re buying), so this is the perfect time to make this deliciously seasonal cocktail.

The “rose”/”flowers” components come from the herbaceous freshness of the rosemary (ROSEmary–see what I did there?) and the fragrant rosewater. In addition, the blood oranges themselves have a heavenly, floral scent too. If you want to fancy things up with the same garnish I used, just take a rosemary  branch; pluck the leaves from the bottom; then slide a Luxardo cherry and small blood orange wedge on the stem kabob style.

One sip and you’ll see why this champagne cocktail is the perfect mimosa-esque sip for a festive springtime brunch.

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