Effervescent Lifestyle Tips: Wardrobe Essentials for What to Wear to Food & Wine Festivals


Coachella has come and gone and that means one thing: spring and summer Festival Season is here!

Yep, I love, love, l-o-v-e a good fest, and it should come as no surprise that I especially love the ones that are food, champagne, and wine-centric. Quite a few of them will be occurring over the course of the next several months, and for me that means getting busy and making plans to attend as many fests and events as I humanly can.

That said, what you wear to the festivals can actually make or break your experience. In fact, it could have a directly negative affect on your fest experience if you’re overdressed, under-dressed, or you didn’t think ahead to anticipate what your wardrobe needs might be. After all, you can’t fully focus on the food and wine if you’re too busy focusing on feeling out of place; your aching feet, lugging around a heavy handbag; or being too hot or cold.

Some wardrobe decision considerations include is it indoors or out? Is the tone casual, business, or dressy? Will you have ample opportunity to sit or will there be all standing? Those are just a few of the important factors that need to be contemplated.

Or, lucky you, you don’t need to contemplate at all because you’ve got The Bubbleista here to assist! I’ve got you covered with a ton of suggestions, ideas, and tips to ensure that you not only look effortlessly fabulous but that you’re also in perfect form to enjoy the fest to the fullest. Here are my effervescent lifestyle tips and advice on the wardrobe essentials perfect for food and wine festivals.

Comfort is King but Stylishness is Queen

It goes without saying that being comfortable is the top priority, so be sure to leave that juuusssttt barely too snug article of clothing that you’ll be fidgeting with or tugging at all night in the closet. After all, if you’re comfortable you’ll be confident.

That said, comfort does not mean to sacrifice great style!

An outdoor event demands casual attire: flowy kimonos, dresses, and skirts will allow for cooling breezes; tasteful statement tees and jeans/shorts; and a hat + sunnies to shield you from the blistering heat. In fact, this wardrobe roundup I’ve done is not only ideal for wine fests but also perfect for wine tasting at wineries in places like Napa and Sonoma, too.

Wine Fest Outdoor graphic

1.) Loup Charmat “Lucia” dress / 2.) Bvlgari Sunnies / 3.) Loeffler Randall “Saskia” sandals from Nordstorm / 4.) Tory Burch “Utopia” Embroidered Crossbody bag from Nordstrom / 5.) Genie by Eugenia Kim “Willa” Hat from Banana Republic / 6.) Johnny Was Floral Kimono Jacket from Neiman Marcus / 7.) Vert and Vogue “Frida” clog in nude / 8.) Rebecca De Ravenel Six Drop Ombre Earrings

Indoor events typically require you to up your game a bit with business casual attire, especially if you’ll be going to a seated dinner or meeting with winemakers. Think pairing a super chic top with jeans or a blazer; a jacket with a jumpsuit; or  a stylish yet fun work-esque appropriate dress. Also layers are key since its might get chilly or warm, so pieces that you can add or remove work well.

Wardrobe Roundup Indoor Wine Fest

1.) James Jeans Straight Hunter Fetch Jeans / 2.)  Dillon-Fit Palm Print Blouse from Banana Republic /  3.) Linen Coral Blazer from Banana Republic / 4.) Vince Camuto Havana Tropical Tie Waist Jumpsuit from Nordstrom / 5.) Charlotte Olympia “Miss Cha Cha Cha” Fringed Platform / 6.) Kate Spake Green Pom & Tassels Earrings / 7.) Lizzie Fortunato “Feminist” Pouch

Practicality is Key

Here’s where a little forward thinking will do you a world of good. Here is a list of quick tips:

  • Avoid dangling sleeves and bracelets since they may dip into or knock over things as you’re reaching.
  • If you’re outdoors, stick to flats or wedges (whichever you’re most comfy in) that can work with the terrain, whether it’s grass, a sandy beach, or cement.
  • Limit your fragrances (none is actually best) so that it doesn’t interfere with with the wine (in particular) and food aromas–after all, smell is a huge part of enjoying what you eat and drink.
  • Try to avoid white or solid light colored clothing–spills are less conspicuous on darker or multi-colored clothing.

Don’t Get Handsy

If you’re like me, you WILL be taking photos of what you nosh on and imbibe–but who want to cart a lot of stuff around at a tasting–I want my hands to be free so I can maximize what I can eat and drink (ha). To solve that problem get yourself a haute little crossbody bag. You can throw it across you and its out of the way until you need to access it. Unlike a tote, you don’t have to worry about a crossbody swinging into anything.

While were on the hands-free bus, an added bonus is to wear an article of clothing with ample pockets. I’m an absolute fool for a dress or jumpsuit that has pockets (see my picks above!), so this option one is an easy peasy decision for me–vive la pocket!.

Wanna Get Away?

I’m quite *ahem* particular when it comes to the food and wine festivals that I want/decide to attend, and I fancy myself a bit of a festival connoisseur, if you will. So if you’re looking for some fab recommendations, a few of the festivals occurring during the next several months that are on my radar–and should be on your radar too–that I’d like to make it to include:

Austin Food and Wine Festival; Austin, TX April 29-30

New Orleans Wine & Food Experience; New Orleans, LA May 25 – 28

Wine and Spirit Festival; Sugar Beach in Toronto, Canada, June 16-18

Heritage Fire by Cochon 555; Napa Valley, CA August 27

Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival; Los Angeles, CA August 26-28