Champagne Jetsetter Chronicles: Super Chic & Stylish Passport Covers Perfect for Summer Travel

Passport Cover ROUNDUP MAIN GRAPHIC“Summa-time” is on its way and in my book that means it’s time for planning some great summer fun, frolicking and, most of all, some fab travel!

One of my “Effervescent Lifestyle Edicts” is #ITravelDifferently. I always take the extra measures to try to ensure that my travel plans will be as fantastic as I can possibly make them–from start to finish, and all of the little details in between.

My tentative summer travel plans include an international trip which, of course, means being fully passport ready. Vacation travel already has a bit of an air of glamour to it for me, so adding an international destination element to it kicks the glamour levels up several notches. That means no ordinary passport cover could suffice for a Bubbleista–time to for something chic and stylish!

That said, I stumbled across so many great options that I decided to do a sweet little roundup of the chicest passport covers I found to help get you passport ready for your fab summer travel, too! Check them out:

1.) Lizzie Fortunato “Passport” $140

I love the fun colors and design of this Lizzie Fortunato passport case from Shopbop. Even better is the soft, lambskin leather and embroidered details that make this cover so lovely and luxe.

Passport Cover Roundup Lizzie Fortunato

2.) Flight 001 Correspondent Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set $30

A really cute  holder and luggage tag set that comes in 2 colors, rose and ivory {I prefer rose}, and includes a storage pouch to store the set when you’re not traveling. I also like the added detail of a “This passport belongs to:” design with an airplane on the inside of the passport holder cover.

Passport Cover Flight 001

3.) Assouline “Didot” passport cover $185

Typography lovers, this is your passport cover. The “Didot” passport cover will also please the aesthetics crowd with a chocolate brown leather cover that–when opened–reveals a deep red interior, plus the added functionality of a pocket for plane tickets and three slots for inserting credit cards. Available at Farfetch {which is linked} and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Passport Cover ASSOULINE Didot

4.) Lodis “Kate” Exotic Passport Cover $42.00

Love the skin your passport’s in with this sleek, exotic snakeskin print Italian leather “Kate” passport cover. Comes in black/taupe and pink/cream.

Passport Cover Lodis Kate Exotic

5.) Charlotte Olympia Pouty Passort Holder $375

Present this cover with a pair of luscious, “pouty” lips on it to your gate agent and you just might get upgraded {unless you’re flying by private jet, of course, in which case you have already been upgraded enough}. Coming in various options such as a fun black and white polka dot cover with red lips; a black cover with plum colored lips; and a gold cover with red lips {all with a cute little “beauty mark”}, the cover makes not smiling when you look at it virtually impossible. Kiss, kiss!

Passport Cover Charlotte Olympia Pouty


6.) Dolce & Gabbana “Tropical Print” passport cover $263

Imprinted with graphics of juicy, tropical pineapples the “Tropical Print” passport cover is the perfect option when you’re jaunting off to a sun drenched Caribbean locale this summer. The fun pink, yellow, and green color scheme give you visions of paradise long before you set foot on the plane.

Passport Cover Dolce & Gabbana at Harrods

7.) Voyageant Travel Collection Passport Cover and Luggage tag set $24

The design of this cover definitely imparts the “wander” in “wanderlust” with it geographical artwork showing Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and the Indian Ocean. Available at Anthropologie.

Passport Cover Voyagent from Anthropologie

8.) Kate Spade New York “Scenic Route Car” Applique Leather Passport Holder $98

You don’t have to be traveling by car to fall in love with this adorable “Scenic Route” design by Kate Spade. The classic car with the luggage strapped to the roof applique may make you reminisce on summer vacations past as a kid, but it definitely still indicates plans that you’re going places in the future. {wink}

Passport Cover Kate Spade New York Scenic Route

9.) Cartier “Happy Birthday” passport cover $400

A collection that is “inspired by the spirit of the House,” the “Happy Birthday” selection of small leather goods includes this fab burgundy calfskin leather cover. It’s thoughtful tri-fold design allows the jet setting traveler to keep up with all of their travel documents and then some. Tres chic, yes?

Passport Cover Cartier

10.) Smythson “Piccadilly” passport cover $355

Okay, I may have saved the best for last on this one! Smythson is a well-known British purveyor of fine leather goods which explains why I love this cover so much.

The bright and happy color of the yellow leather; the sleek perforated design; and the cheeky message of “Bon Voyage” make this cover fun, stylish and perfect. If you like options, it also comes in blue and you can purchase the larger passport cover & card case combo for $595.

But wait, there’s more: Smythson also allows you to personalize your passport cover “with initials or a motif to make yours stand out from the crowd.” I mean, what more could you ask for? {insert gaga heart-eyed emoticon here!!!}

Passport Cover Smythson Piccadilly

Oh, and it’s time for an “Effervescent Lifestyle Tip” and alert! Still getting your summer plans together? Well if those plans include international travel and it’s time for you to renew your passport this year take note: according to Conde Nast, there’s a huge likelihood that there will be a barrage of renewals hitting the passport offices this year, so you better allow yourself extra time unless you plan on paying extra to expedite.

Whatever fun travel you have on tap for the summer, make sure you do it in chic style!

Bon Voyage, bubbly lovers!