St. Paddy’s Day Sip: The “Emerald Isle Fizz” Champagne Cocktail



Emerald Isle Champagne Cocktail meme image

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching which means it’s time to break out the three-leaf clovers, leprechauns, corned beef & cabbage, pots of gold, and green beer!

*record scratch*

Green beer? Listen, it’s a well known fact that I love all things effervescent, but if I must drink green fizz to celebrate an occasion then I’d much prefer for mine to be made from grapes instead of hops.

That said, while the rest of the world will be up to their ears in green Guinness, I’m going to break out the bubbly and make a sparkling green champers cocktail for my St, Paddy’s day imbibing pleasure instead. Any day is a good day for champagne and sparkling wine in my book, and St. Patrick’s Day is no different.

Now I’ve seen some recipes for green champagne cocktails out there, and they mostly consist of adding Midori melon liqueur or green apple Schnapps to a glass of bubbly. Hashtag #yawn. No offense, but while adding those liqueurs achieves the green hue for a St. Paddy’s cocktail, they don’t necessarily add much with regards to distinctiveness and taste. And you know creativity and deliciousness are two things I’m definitely about.

Well, the Bubbleista is here to turn it up a notch! We all learned in grade school that yellow + blue = green, right? So for me it was a logical place to start in order to get lovely green hue while also elevating the flavor factor.  I put my cocktail concocting brain to work and–with a little luck o’the Irish (see what I did there?)–came up with an original, knock your socks off concoction that is delicious, unique, and  achieves the requisite, gorgeous green hue–a perfectly effervescent champagne cocktail for Paddy’s Day revelers and Leprechauns alike.

Emerald Fizz Collage (Cara and set up)

Check out my “Emerald Isle Fizz” Champagne Cocktail recipe below. Cheers, loves!