Fab Four for Fizzy Friday: The Best Champagne-centric Links for September 2016

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Welcome to the latest edition of Fab Four for Friday where I give you the best and most interesting tidbits of news and inspiration from the world of champagne and sparkling wine!

As per usual I have spent the last few weeks scouring the *internets* to provide you with awesome links perfect for your weekend reading, day dreaming, and perusal.

Without further ado let’s commence with the links roundup–after all, there’s no news like good champagne news, yes?



You already know that The Bubbleista loves herself a good champagne cocktail. I was thrilled then, of course, to discover this list of the “Fifty Best Champagne Cocktails.” Personally, I look at this list more as a challenge to drink my way through the list to determine which of the 50 are worthy of being #BubbleistaApproved.

For starters I’m loving the “Bootleg”–bourbon, peach, bubbles, and green gun powder tea. What’s not to love? {wink}



Atlanta. Bay Area. Chicago. Detroit. DMV. Los Angeles. Miami. New York. Ohio. Texas. Guess what?

Moet thinks you’re pretty cool.

So cool in fact, that you’re “hot.” Moet is toasting these 10 proclaimed “hot spots” and honoring them with specially made bottles that showcase landmarks specific to the 10 locations. How fab is that?

But wait, there’s more: if you upload a pic of what your “city means to you on your terms,” you can win a trip to Moët’s own hometown of Épernay, France.

Now that’s worth “raising a glass to the city that raised you.”



Where should y0u go in NYC for champagne and music for you and your, ahem, “Entourage?”

Well fortunately for you, Adrien Grenier has the perfect suggestion. He and a business partner have opened up a swank new spot called Vynl, House of Cocktail. If the picture above is any indication of the goodness they’ll be serving up there, then this looks like it might be a can’t miss spot.

Ringing in at over 7,000 square feet and housed over 4 floors, “Vnyl, which stands for vintage New York lifestyle, has a coffee shop…the main bar and a boutique record shop with items selected by Mr. Grenier,” who is said to have a collection of around 2,000 records.

The #BubbleistaApproved pièce de résistance: the 3rd floor housing the “Champagne Garden,” which owner James Morrissey says “will be like nothing that already exists in New York.”

Looks like I’m going to need to verify the veracity of that statement myself in person.



How would you like to spend an entire day doing nothing but sipping copious amounts of champagne and eating dozens {yes, DOZENS} of courses of exquisitely chef-prepared culinary magic?

If that’s your idea of heaven {it is for me!}, and you live in London, then Nicolas Feuillatte & La Belle Assiette have the event of your everlovin’ dreams planned this October that is unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen.

Billed as “London’s longest dinner party” ever, this event is set up to occur over the course of 16 hours and 40 minutes, with over 100 courses served. 100 courses! The cool thing about it is that you can join Nicolas Feuillatte for this fabulous day of feasting on your own terms: either join them for the entire full day of 100 courses, or you can participate individually in one or more of the 11 segments that last 1.5 hours. The segments begin at 10:30 a.m. and last all day until the final segment that is a midnight feast beginning at the stroke of twelve.

It’s £1000 {$1296.45 US} for the entire day or £49 {$63.53 US} per segment.