Vive La Rebellion! A Bubbly “Coupe” d’état: 7 Fabulous & Chic Champagne Coupes

7-fabulous-and-chic-champagne-coupes-insta-imageI once told a friend of mine that I consider myself a peculiar kind of rebel. You know what I’m talking about: that one person who shows up “looking out of place” to the “Save the Whales” rally wearing an absolutely adorable sundress; hair in a neat little top knot; wearing those cute Longchamp sandals picked up on sale last week; and rocking vintage Chanel sunglasses, but who then turns out unexpectedly to be one of the most vocal advocates at the event.

Hey, I’ve never seen a rule that says you can’t be chic while still effectively vocalizing grievances and advocating for a cause.

*Kanye shrug*

Speaking of rules, when it comes the “proper” serving and consumption of champagne, there can be be quite a few of them–it should be chilled to a certain temperature; the cage and cork should be removed in a certain way; the bubbly should be poured with this kind of technique; and on and on. There’s even debate about what shape of glass is *best* for drinking champagne.

When it comes to glassware, champagne coupes are oft frowned upon for a myriad of reasons (it can affect the aromas; the wine is warmed to quickly; etc), but one of the most prominent ones is  because the wide bowls/rims of the glass make the bubbles dissipate really quickly, and we all know that those tiny, streaming, nose-tickling bubbles are absolutely, unequivocally a pivotal part of enjoying champagne.

But since I’m one of those aforementioned “dance the beat of my own percussion band” {sometimes a drum is just not enough for a Bubbleista} kind of girl, I have no problem at all bucking tradition and staging my own little rebellion every now and again.

Yep, you guessed it–I’m officially staging a champagne sipping coup!

Or should I say “coupe?”

Hmmm. Let’s explore, shall we?


Yep, that sounds about right. Now that we’ve got the proper definitions in place {Hashtag #TheBubbleistaDictionary}, on we continue.

Listen, regardless of the rules sipping from coupes is just such fuuunnnnn! And actually, in my opinion, it can make the sipping experience enjoyable in it’s own way. Think about this: you know the tactile pleasure you get from holding a huge mug of coffee around the bowl before you sip it? Yep, exactly–it’s a similar experience with hold the bowl of a coupe as it rests in the palm of your hand between your fingers.

Besides, using Bubbleista logic, I say that if you’re sipping at an enthusiastic enough clip you’ll be done with your bubbly before all that wonderful effervescence dissipates anyway {wink}.

Coupes are a fun little luxury perfect for entertaining as well, but when I entertain aesthetics are everything. That’s what inspired me to compile this curated list of some of the most gorgeous champagne coupes my little eyes have ever seen that are ideal to use for all of your fabulous fizzy fêtes. With offerings at all price points, I’m sure there’s at least one option on the list that’s suit your fancy.

Check out my list and see for yourself!


1.) Spiegelau “Vino Grande” Champagne Saucer: {set of 6} $75.00

I first came across these sexy little coupes being a bar fly at a hotel while traveling earlier this year. I was so taken with them that I did a little nosing around to find out who the maker was. When I found out how affordable they were I was even more intrigued.

The price point makes these perfect for buying by the case to use for entertaining large groups of guests. Plus if 1 or 2 coupes get broken, you won’t cringe too much.

Unless you’re me. Inexpensive or not, if you’re me you will cry just a little bit on the inside. Because, pretty broken things.

FYI, the live link above provides you with an easy way to purchase the glasses, but if you want to explore Spiegelau’s wares directly on the Bavarian glassmaker’s site, click this link and peruse away.

You’re welcome.

2.) Waterford “Elegance Champagne Belle” coupes: {set of 2} $60.00

There is something that just oh-so-chic-and-sleek about these glasses! I think it’s the way the lower part of the bowl slopes that gives it a special air of modern elegance and ups the *ooh la la* factor in my eyes.

I can see these being used to make a toast for a special occasion just a bit more lovely.

3.) Williams-Sonoma Dorset” Coupes: {set of 2} $60.00

I actually had these beauties on my wedding registry, and I love how “old world” they feel. The coupes are touted as having a “traditional 17th-century coupe shape,” but to me they look like they were perfectly at home in the 1940’s.

The size of these coupes {they hold 12 ounces!} also make them perfect for serving champagne cocktails, like my gorgeously hued “Emerald Isle Fizz.”

4.) William Yeoward “Pearl” coupes: $295

Billing itself as “the world’s most glamorous crystal,” the Pearl coupes, without question, absolutely live up to that billing! The artful design of the glasses are individually and entirely hand-cut and the motifs used are often inspired by those of the 17th and 18th century.

One of the design details I love about these glasses is that the string of pearls that rims the glass also reminds me of champagne bubbles.

Simply put, these are the glasses you pull out when you want to drink those $200(+) bottles of bubbly.

5.) Baccarat MASSÉNA: $180.00

The genius and beauty of these coupes for me is that they are both feminine and masculine at the same time. The shape and design of the glass slants very much as ladylike, with its delicate etching and stature.

However, the thickness of the glass stem and the weight of the foot with its layered, heavy design clearly speaks to the more masculine sensibilities.

My birthday is coming up later this month {#VirgosStandUp #ItsVirgoSeason #VirgosRule}, so  by all means if you are so inclined to buy The Bubb a gift for giving you all of the wonderful advice and recommendations over the last year-and-a-half, just go with that feeling.

Don’t worry, I’ll send you my mailing address.

6.) LSA “Edge” RoseGold Champagne Saucer: {set of 2} $61.00

Modern and edgy with a little bit of 1960’s futurism, the bowl of the LSA Edge coupes have a unique squarish shape that I find quirky and delightful. The thick hand-painted rose gold band around the bottom is an especially fun details

The glasses are mouth blown and come in a “chic” little gift box to boot, making these lovelies perfect for gifting to yourself.

7.) Lalique “100 Points” Coupe: $160.00 

If you already are enamored with the design sensibilities of this French glassmaker, then loving this coupe is going to be a given. The stem, with its curvy lines, is frosted and elegant, just like many of the glass objets d’art that Lalique is known for.

So which is your favorite? Click this link to hit me on Instagram and let me know which coupes are the ones for you!