The Ultimate Champagne Lovers Gift Guide

Ultimate Champs Gift Guide

You confidently pride yourself on your gift-giving abilities. In fact, you have a well-earned, sterling reputation for always finding just the right distinctive, amazing gifts for your family, friends, and colleagues that delights and excites the recipients every. Single. Time.

You, my dear, are “the gift whisperer.”

But this year there’s one gift recipient that has stopped you dead in your tracks–one who strikes terror in your heart. This luxury loving; discriminating; opinion-having; aesthetics-driven; finicky individual can be downright exasperating to satisfy with their inherently luxe-loving, hard-to-please reputation. The individual who has filled you with fear is none other than {dun dun DUUUNNN!!} *gasp*:

the champagne obsessed bubbly lover!

Well fret not, darling, The Bubbleista to the rescue! Consider this my gift to you: I treasure hunted around the globe to unearth some of the best gifts to create a curated gift guide sure to enchant even the most discriminating bubbly lover in your life. My curated list has options at a variety of price points so that you’ll have no problem finding the ideal trinket that’s also within your gift-giving budget.

So are you ready to shop yet? I thought you might be! Great shopping is a sport, soooo….On your internet marks; get your credit card set; and…….GO!!!!!

(1) Have Champagne, Will Travel–*priceless*

This luscious, luxe leather Double Champagne Case and traveling wine bar from Swaine Adeney Brigg is my bubbly picnic dream come true! The case is a uniquely handcrafted portable bar covered in buttery soft and supple bridle leather. It’s lined in green bonded leather and is accented with solid brass fittings. And in the #BubbleistaApproved category, it also has the option for personalization in gold embossing–yes, GOLD EMBOSSING! It makes me swoon, I tell ya’.

This luxe little trinket for champagne sipping will *ahem* only set you back a mere £2395 which equates to $3,639.82 US dollars. And please make certain you don’t forget that 82 cents. Swaine Adeney Brigg wants every penny.

Double Champagne Travel Case (resized)

(2) Pink Champagne candle–$195.00

I love a pretty objet d’art that is also practical and  functional, like this candle from L’Objet. We all know that The Bubbleista doesn’t like ordinary, so it’s clear to presume that this isn’t your ordinary candle, either. Here’s why it’s so special and #BubbleistaApproved: the container is made out of precious French limoges porcelain; is accented with pure 24K gold; and is fragranced with the sweet and delicate smell of pink champagne. But there is a clincher–after you have completely finished burning the candle you only need dissolve any wax remnants under hot water and it then becomes a beautiful, decorative vessel to house some of your most treasured possessions.

Yep, this lovely candle is definitely my kind of “two-fer.”

LObject pink champs candle

{3} Gold champagne cups–$344.oo

I love a good flute and even a beautiful coupe to sip my bubbly from {like these}. In fact, I have no qualms about sipping my champers from unconventional vessels of any kind, especially when they are gorgeous, gold-trimmed ones like these champagne cups made by German china manufacturer Furstenburg {nope, not that Furstenberg} and sold by “modern day china shop” Fitzsu.

This is the sipping vessel of choice for lovers of luxury! The cup is made of porcelain and the entire interior rim is hand painted in 24 carat gold. There is no greater justice done to the champagne cup that this description of it on Fitzsu’s website:

Gold’s radiance places it close to the sun. Its everlasting sheen makes it stand out as pure glamour luxury.

If that doesn’t seduce you into wanting to buy this cup I’m not sure what will.

If the price is a bit, uhm, rich for your budget, there are variations of the cup that start at $238.00. Yes, that is per cup; and yes, I will own a set.

Gold champagne cups

{4} “A Scent of Champagne book–$75.00

Have you ever wondered what 8,000 champagnes taste like? Well I have, and though I’m not quite there yet { I’m working on it!} Richard Juhlin is. Richard is a world renown champagne expert and the author of the gorgeous luxury tome, “The Scent of Champagne.

It’s not only filled to the brim with champagne knowledge, but it’s also beautifully illustrated. I personally regard it less as a book and more as a champagne sipping check list, but perhaps that’s just me. Hey, if Richard can do it…

Scent of Champagne book

{5} Uber Fancy & Expensive bottle of champagne {duh!}–$800.00

Often billed as one of the most expensive champagne’s in the world, the 1995 Krug Clos Du Mesnil is a coveted champagne worthy of being a part of even the most discerning bubbly drinker’s wine cellar.

And, for goodness sake, it’s Krug. Need I really say more?

Krug Clos de Mesnil 1995 sml bottle and close up


{6} Neiman Marcus Chocolate Champagne Cake–$58.00

If you have yet to taste the  pure pleasure that is Neiman Marcus’ Chocolate Champagne cake, then I feel so sorry for you, my darling. This cake is a chocolate and champagne lovers DREAM! It’s moist, dense, oh-so-chocolatey; and decadently soaked in champagne–you can taste the liquid happiness in every bite.

I would eat it single every week if I could, but unfortunately {or perhaps fortunately for my waistline} this specialty cake is only sold during the holidays. I’ll let you in on a secret though: they freeze really well, so I always try to buy an extra cake and freeze it so I can eat it on my birthday. After all, what is a more perfect cake for a Bubbleista that one filled with chocolate and champagne?

NM Chocolate Champagne Cake

{7} Someone’s In the Kitchen with Champagne–$12.00 {each}

When you’re R-E-A-L-L-Y champagne obsessed {guilty as charged, your honor}, there’s no champagne-centric detail that’s too small. These sweet little yea towels with a champagne motif are no exception, and I was literally delighted by them when I saw them!

Not only are the towels ideal for display in your kitchen but they are make a lovely detail when you’re entertaining. You know how champagne bottles in ice buckets are wrapped in white linens to catch the water dripping form the bottle? Well how much more chic would it be to use these tea towels instead? Exactly.

That was an excellent little entertaining tip, no? Well I haven’t been dubbed “The Martha Stewart of Champagne” for nothing.

Gumps champagne towel 2

{8} Lead Crystal Champagne Cooler–$165.00

I absolutely love the lines of this Lead Crustal Champagne Ice Cooler from Tiffany’s, especially the Roman numerals around the rim. It’s elegant and stylish and modern and traditional all at the same time. It’s also a vessel quite worthy of that Krug Clos Du Mesnil mentioned above, as well.

Tiffanys Atlas crystal champagne cooler (resized)

{9} Be the champagne hostess with the mostess–$40.00

The mirrored detail on this champagne serving tray from Papyrus is the perfect glam accent for serving your guests their glasses of bubbly. And once the party guests have imbibed enough fizz and are really ready to frolic, it’s also serves as an instructional command on exactly how the night should end {wink}.

Champagne tray resized

{10} DIY Champagne Cocktail Kit–$30.00

This is the perfect gift for the champagne lover who is a champagne cocktail novice or one that loves to entertain. The “Champagne Cocktail Starter Kit” from Williams-Sonoma contains 1 bottle each of organic raspberry and anise simple syrup. Each bottle makes about 10 cocktails so a kit or two ought to get you through a lovely little holiday affair quite nicely.

The kit suggests that you should “shake with fresh lemon juice, vodka or rum and ice” and topping that off with bubbly. For something a bit more simple and delicate I would say just add a teaspoon of the syrup of your choice; a couple of dashes of Angostura bitters; and perhaps a squeeze of lime to your glass of bubbly, et voilà–instant champagne cocktail!

Champagne Cocktail kit WS

{11} Life Imitates Art–$53.00

Art is supposed to move you, right? So what art could move a champagne lover more than images depicting the love of their life? Okay, okay–ONE of the loves of their life.

This pair of adorable, fun, bright, and happy champagne-centric prints by painter and artist extraordinaire Evelyn Henson would look perfectly at home in the walls of a home office; as part of a gallery wall in the main living space; or even hanging over the headboard in the bedroom to inspire champagne dreams.

The prints can be purchased separately {the one on the left is “Sparkle Like Champagne” and the one on the right is “Party Girl”}, but you know what they say–two is better than one.

Evelyn Henson Collage

{12} Floating Fizz Flutes–$79.00 (pair)

I’ve already made it clear that I have no qualms sipping bubbly from unique glasses–particularly when they are especially aesthetically pleasing–and this pair of flutes made by Fferrone {and sold at the high style purveyor Dwell Store} really fit that bill.

These babies are sleek; modern; and sexy. What makes these flutes so very cool is that they are actually two glasses in one, which allows you to fill the glass from either end. Wanna know what’s even cooler? When you do fill it, the contents will appear to float.

So. Chic.

Sipping from these glasses just may have you shouting “Vive la Révolution flutes!”

Revolution Glassware Collection

And there you have it–the first ever, Bubbleista-curated, Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for the Champagne Lover in your life! Now all you need to do is just hand this nifty little list over to Santa and let him  him do the rest.

While you’re at it, could you put in a good word with old St Nick for me this year? I’ve been extra good, and I think I deserve one of everything on this list.

Is there something that you think needs to be added to the list? What’s the one thing on this list that is your personal ultimate “must have?” Don’t worry, I’ll put in a good word with Santa for you, as well.

After all, it’s the holidays–one good turn deserves another!