Sparkling Wine Recommendations: Articles Round-up

Champagne tasting

Champagne drinking paradise: bottle after bottle after bottle of perfectly chilled sparkling wine just waiting to be sipped.

Those that are familiar with my freelance work know that I have been writing about champagne and sparkling wine for a while now, and the number of stories I write usually amps up every year between November and December since that’s when the US population consumes (and is consumed with!) bubbly the most.

That said, I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up of the most recent and/or popular articles I’ve written on the subject, so I went through my writing stash and picked the ones I thought bubbly lovers would enjoy the most. So whether you want to brush up on your effervescent education, or are just interested in suggestions for adding some bottles to your collection, this round-up will give you just what you need.   Check these out for you reading and viewing pleasure:

1.) What happens when the chief wine maker from Veuve Clicquot flies into town from France to host a Veuve champagne dinner? You happily bite off more than you can chew.

2.) Just because you’re broke doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself the pleasure of the bubbly. How about bottles of sparkling for $10 and under?  Even though I wrote this for a bridal blog, the suggestions work for anyone who wants to sip on a budget.

3.) Nothing like a lovely visual presentation on champagne and sparkling wine to really capture the magic of bubbly. Thanks to AfroBohemianSnob for featuring me in their fabulous holiday edition video.

4.) This article has something for everyone from the Bubbly Beginner to the Champagne Sipping Veteran. Here were my 15 picks for ringing in 2015.

This recap was just the tip of the iceberg of the bubbly goodness to come. I’m writing some new sparkling wine-centric posts as we speak, my friends–the best is yet to come!