Motivation Monday: Improve Your Vocabulary, Improve Your Life

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I loved English class as a girl, especially vocabulary lessons. I became enthralled with discovering the meaning of words and how putting those words together could forge expressive, powerful, and creative thoughts and concepts.

No matter how expansive our vocabularies are though, we’ve all had a moment where we’ve wanted to express a thought, feeling, or idea but just couldn’t come up with the right word(s).

Well today’s Motivation Monday is a vocabulary lesson of sorts, but it has very special significance. I’m going to share some unique words with you that are designed to help you nurture your spirit, and give you a little push of encouragement and inspiration when you need it the most. Print these words out and stick them to your mirror to remind yourself of just how incredible this journey of life can–and will–be when we decide to define it on our own terms.

Without further ado, I present Part I of “The Bubbleista’s Inspirational Vocabulary for Life.” So let’s begin the lesson shall we?

LESSON 1: “Sciamachy”

Mot Mon Schiamachy def (2)

Sometimes we’re so focused on the “what ifs” and the things that could go wrong that we make up and worry about scenarios and problems in our mind that may never even come into being. That’s exactly what sciamachy is, and it’s a self-defeating, total waste of time. There’s no need to be “our own worst enemy” because we’ll be faced with our fair share of legitimate ones. Let’s abolish our imaginary enemies and reserve that strength for overcoming the real challenges instead.

LESSON 2:  “Vagary”

Mot Mon Vagary def (2)

Have you ever been driving, or doing housework, or watching television, or doing some other mundane or mindless task when all of a sudden a crazy, fanciful, and seemingly implausible, yet totally inspiring and captivating, idea pops into your head? Welcome to the wonderful land of vagary! When these moments of whimsical inspiration take hold of you, don’t you dare fight it; nurture it! Those ideas are coming specifically to you, and they are doing that for a reason: it’s your subconscious’ way of nurturing your creative spirit…and it may also just be leading you to your life’s purpose and calling. Repeat after me: “Long live vagary!”

LESSON 3: “Numinous”

Mot Mon Numinous def (2)

If you truly adhere to the precepts of Lesson 2, then it’s quite likely that the word “numinous” describes how you’ll feel right after. When we have inspired, brilliant ideas they often scare us because we feel overwhelmed and fearful. Sometimes it’s also that we’re just as afraid of failing as we are of succeeding. The key to overcoming the fear? Just saying “yes” to those things that scare us.

Let the feelings of “numinous-ness” be the push you need in finally taking the leap towards that new project you weren’t quite sure you’re completely qualified for; pursuing that “so-crazy-it-just-might-work” idea; and making the hard, yet necessary changes to bring about the life you need, and have always desired.

As Tina Fey once said “Fun is on the other side of yes.” Warding off sciamachy; indulging in vagary; and letting numinous feelings motivate you will help you find out for yourself.