Fizz Friday Finds: Bruno Paillard Champagne

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Happy Friday, my fizz-loving friends! For this week’s edition of #FizzFriday I’m sharing my latest recommendation for a bubbly I’ve recently discovered that I think you should try. And, as a little twist, I’m going to start dubbing by sparkling wine picks with the hashtag #ThatsSoBubbleista. Snazzy, right? I thought you might like it! Using this hashtag will make it easy for you to find all of my picks on Instagram.

Why, pray tell, might you want to find my reco’d finds? Allow me to expound via little scenario: Image that it’s the weekend and you are in the mood to be festive/have a housewarming to attend/are going to a bachelor{ette} party/have an accomplishment to celebrate/always drink champagne when you’re thirsty so you decide to pick up some sparklers.

Soooo, you then find yourself on the champagne aisle at the grocer or package store {“Package store” just sounds so much more lovely than “liquor store,” don’t you think?” I digress.} and you’re trying to figure out what bottle of bubbly to buy. All of those labels and jargon and brands and varietals have you a bit perplexed as to what you should get.

Then, quite brilliantly I might add, you suddenly remember “I know! All I need to do is go to Instagram and search for the hashtag “#ThatsSoBubbleista” and I’ll have instant access to several tasteful recommendations and pictures for conveniently easy identification that will enable me to pick the perfect bottle!

Well aren’t you a clever little thing!

On to this week’s recommended pick:


Bruno Paillard (1) Bruno Paillard is something of an “upstart” champagne house that turned the champagne trade on its ear with its unconventional, yet clever foray into the champagne business. Born in the Champagne region, Mssr. Paillard established himself by purchasing small lot of quality champagne and putting his own signature label on it. This was a smart move because, since he could show sales of “his” champagne {as was customarily required at the time} it enabled him to purchase grapes of his own and establish his own champagne house. Prior to Paillard this had not been done.

As Mssr. Paillard is clearly known for doing things his way, it comes as no surprise that this grower champagne is skillfully tailored to the personal taste of the champagne house’s owner himself, and it’s a palate that I happen to really like. This champagne is a long-aged, Pinot Noir forward champagne {which I’m discovering I like more and more} comprised of 45% Pinot Noir/33% Chardonnay/22% Pinot Meunier.

I adore how rich and complex this sparkler is. The flavors of the 2 white grapes {Pinot Meunier & Chardonnay} hit your palate first, followed by some of the classic flavors found in Pinot Noir.  It’s got a long finish {meaning the flavors linger on the tongue} with lovely, fresh acidity.

Want some more tasting details? You know what to do → check me out on Instagram and search for the #ThatsSoBubbleista hashtag!