Wine Wednesday Wordologie: “M” is for “Mousse”


If you’re like me then one of the things you love most about champagne is its bubbles, which will make today’s Wine Wednesday Wordologie right up your alley.

Wine Wed Word Mousse

“Mousse” is a tasting term that speaks to the frothiness or  how fizzy a sparkling wine seems in the mouth. It’s that delightfully creamy sensation on the palate that can be attributed to wine’s bubbles. The intensity of mousse can range from soft to aggressive {think a highly carbonated soda}, with the best sparklers having intensity somewhere in the middle.

The beauty of the mousse {images courtesy of Wikipedia}

The beauty of the mousse {images courtesy of Wikipedia}

Ultimately, however, it’s all about your personal preference. So how do you determine intensity levels from one bottle of bubbly to the next? Here’s an interesting little tip that helps: white grapes {chardonnay in particular} typically produce effervescence of a different, more intense character than wines that are made from red grapes {like Pinot Noir }. In terms of mousse intensity this means that in most cases:

Blanc de blanc > red and white grapes blend > Blanc de Noir

So, just drink a glass of each {not necessarily at once, unless you’re an, ahem, “overachiever” like moi} type of bubbly; compare notes; decide which style you like the best; then drink accordingly in the future. Et voilà, just like that you’re developing your champagne palate preferences.

Not only are you discovering your preferences but you’re also actually developing your effervescent lifestyle. You, my dear, are evolving into a Bubbleista.

Now I’ll drink to that.