“The Veuve of My Life:” The Veuve Clicqout 2015 Mail Truck Tour Recap

Veuve Perfect Pic Grove

*I’m thinking about launching a Periscope channel to scope my champagne adventures. Scroll to the end of the post for more details*

Who needs a food truck when there’s a champagne truck rolling through town? Well you’ll be thrilled to know that Veuve Clicquot is on the move again with it’s 2015 National Tour. Of course I was right in the thick of the festivities when it hit my city last week {on a Fizz Friday no less}, and I’m here to give you a recap of every single bit of the effervescent details.

But first, indulge me for a moment as I make a point of clarification–or perhaps a bit of a declaration, if you will: I will forever be indebted to Veuve Clicquot for starting my love affair with champagne. In my very early 20’s I developed an interest in wine which inevitably led to an exploration of the sparkling varieties. Veuve {which rhymes with “love,” by the way} was the very 1st bubbly that I sipped that truly enchanted me when I sipped it. I was hooked and thus began this life-long bubbly obsession of mine.

I’ve written about Veuve events over last few years {check out my articles here…then here…and here too} and, since Veuve is so active with its branded events and activities, I figure that I’ll have lots more opportunities to write about them in the future. I’ve had so many fun adventures with the brand–with more to come–that one day I jokingly thought to myself “I should just start just start calling these little bubbly jaunts specifically with the brand “The Veuve of My Life” {a play on the phrase “the love of my life”}. Then it hit me that it was actually a damn good idea {wink}.

So here we are–the 1st installment of “The Veuve of My Life” with a recap on the #ClicquotMail tour!

Davon Holding Veuve

This is the 2nd year the #ClicquotMail truck tour has hit the road and when it’s all said and done this year the truck will have traveled nearly 15,000 miles and visited more than 20 cities across the country. The Champagne House hosts fun parties and events at cool and interesting venues that include poolside bashes; sipping at sunset on rooftops overlooking the city skyline; and luxuriating at hip spots in the city where you can relax with lawn games, music, a photo booth, and more. And of course, at every event there will be lots of bubbly flowing.

The remaining scheduled stops on the tour focus on the South and include the following cities:

NEW ORLEANS, LA: 10/2-10/4
ATLANTA, GA: 10/8-10/10
MIAMI, FL: 10/16-10/18

If you got a chance to attend the event in your city this this post will help you relive the magic. If you missed an opportunity to go then this post may cause a twinge of regret at the good things you missed. And if the tour is en route to your town, well lucky you–this post will give you a taste of the fun times in store for you.

Check out the full photo recap below!

Veuve Truck and LineVeuve moped backdropVeuve seat set up 1 Veuve hanging chair set up Veuve on ice Veuve bottle flowers on barVeuve Kevin Theresa Veuve hat on bench Veuve Ebony McF

Veuve pic of girls taking picVeuve Wide Shot Veuve 1st flr bar scene Veuve Deejay Dec on DragPhoto of girls taking photos Veuve JengaVeuve being pouredOnce last thing, my bubbly loving dears: As I mentioned above I’m thinking about launching a Periscope channel to do scopes on my champagne adventures and I’m curious about just how much interest you’d have. My 1st scope would be in a couple of weeks at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles {tickets are still available!}. If this is something you’d like to see, leave me a comment below; hit me on Twitter; or tag me on Instagram and let me know that you’d be down with it!