Motivation Monday: “B” is for Business

B is for

Today’s Monday Motivation is being brought to you by the letter “B!” This post du jour was written with a focus on business but, in true Bubbleista style, the topics covered are written in the “not-your-average-ordinary” style. Today we’re gonna talk about the right kind of “business dealings”–the one we should all be creating in our daily lives. So expect a bit of the unexpected and read on!


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By now we’ve all seen those Kermit the Frog memes floating around the “internets”  for the last year or so (make it stop…please…) but I must admit that the underlying message was still a good one. If we spent a little more time tending to our own affairs and less time on those of others, we could be a whole lot closer to starting that business; losing those 20 pounds; learning to play the guitar; or any one of the dozens of other professional and personal aspirations we have for ourselves.

But don’t get it confused: I’m not just talking about abstaining from having your nose in other people’s beeswax; I also mean recognizing when you need to extract yourself from a draining situation. Like when you inadvertently find yourself doing all you can for a friend or family member who “says” they really, really want to do “X” but in the end you’re the one that is doing the lion’s share of the work to help them get there. You get caught up because you really want to help them ascend to the levels you know they are capable of achieving, yet it seems like you want it more for them that they do for themselves.

STOP! It’s a disservice to the both parties–to the person because they miss the lesson of working hard for what they want and may not appreciate it; and to yourself because you’re unnecessarily expending (and wasting) your precious time that you might also end up resenting and regretting giving. This can be especially true when the time you spent helped launch them into their future yet kept you stagnant.

Am I saying don’t help others reach their goals? Of course not! I am a big believer in building a tribe of supporters. What I’m saying is their needs to be a conscious balance. You shouldn’t help someone else so much that it ends up being to your own detriment.


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Sorry, this particular “BYOB” has nothing to do with your favorite alcoholic elixir!

While I recognize that not everyone wants to–or is meant to–be an entrepreneur, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t (and can’t) still be a business owner. We each have talents that are uniquely ours and I truly believe it’s our duty and responsibility to share them with the world. Besides, having a business of your own can be beneficial in a lot of ways: it can give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment; provide some financial independence; give you a sense of job security; and provide the opportunity to create your own path in life, even if you have a 9-to-5 and your business is just a part-time endeavor.

And don’t dare give yourself the excuse of being deterred by the fact that someone else is already doing what you want to do, or has had the same business idea as you. Your unique experiences and perspective will always enable you to put a distinctive spin on your endeavor.

In case you need more reasons to start your own business, has 16 more reasons in addition to the ones I’ve already given you.

So whether you have desires to be a mogul or just want to have a side hustle, build something that is yours. You deserve it!


TCB (keep calm)

The most important piece of business you could ever have in your life…is YOU! If you’re one of those people who is always doing something for others; always over-extending themselves; or always putting the needs of others before their own, you are most definitely NOT taking care of business.

Taking care of others can make us all feel good, but their’s a line between doing good for others and self-deprecating martyrdom. This means we have to make ourselves an absolute priority sometimes. “How do I do that,” you say? We all know there are things we need to say “no” to but why not give yourself permission to say it every now and again to something you just want to say no to? Or take some time to yourself and don’t let it be disrupted. Treat yourself to a mental health day, or a massage, or anything that you enjoy that you can just devote time to replenishing you mind, body and spirit.

And guess what? When you feel good and are in a good frame of mind and have taken care of yourself it allows you to be the best you that you can for not only yourself but others as well. It’s a win-win.

So whether your needed “business dealing(s)” require you to MYOB; BYOB; or TCB, make sure you conduct said business to the fullest capacity. Handle your business like a BOSS.