Motivation Monday: Ain’t Nothin’ To It But To Do It

Aint Nothin to It

There are 53 precious days left in 2015. What in the world are you going to do with them to catapult yourself towards your goals and dreams, my dears?

Listen, I totally get it. It seems like there are a million and one impediments and obstacles that seems to slow you down or prevent you from getting where you want to go. Do any of these sound familiar?:

“I don’t have enough time to do ‘X’ because of work/obligations/responsibilities/family.”

“My financial situation won’t allow me to do ‘X’ like really I want and need to.

“It’s a young person’s game–I’m too old to do “X”…besides, I should have accomplished so much more by now.”

Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. The task of achieving whatever dream or vision “X” represents for you personally can seem so daunting that it can even feel close to impossible. I’m in the process of building and creating as an entrepreneur myself, so I can definitely relate to everyone of those issues.

I just want you to know that if you need a shoulder to cry on…it ain’t here with The Bubbleista, love! Nope, not even one itty-bitty, teeny-tiny bit. Sorry my darlings, but sympathy currently does not reside here. Empathy? Yes. Sympathy? No way.

Why? Because we don’t {notice I am including myself} really have any legitimate excuses. If we really desire to do something–I mean truly want it deeply in our heart and souls–then we figure out a way to make forward progress, no matter how tiny the increments are in order to get ‘er done. In other words, as so eloquently and “jazzily” sung by singer Carlton Robinson &Tomorrow’s People {then later quoted by my secret boyfriend Prince, too}, there “ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.”

Why thank you, Prince. Yes…I think I shall indeed do “it.”

To cheekily put it in mathematical-esque language–and with respect to my above listing of obstacles–it’s time to solve for “X,” my dears {you see what I did there}. Read on to find out how to tackle these issues head-on:

Not enough time

Let’s take a honesty pill with this one: do you really think anyone ever feels as though there’s “enough” time to do everything? I’m sure that moguls like Richard Branson and Oprah are just strolling through life saying to themselves “Oh yes, I always have all the time I need to accomplish everything I want to do…” NOT!

Not having enough time is a self-imposed illusion. So what’s the secret?

What R U Busy About meme

The secret is taking a brutally honest look at what you are spending your precious time on, then becoming “un-busy” with the stuff that in the long run truly doesn’t matter.

Here are 3 tips on becoming “un-busy:”

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate: Hire someone to do the things that you’re need to do but don’t currently have the skill set to do, rather than taking on the task or expending the time to learn how to do it yourself. Better yet, hire someone to do household chores (like cleaning or cooking) so that you can direct that saved time to pursuing your vision instead.
  • Simplify your time commitments: Okay, so do you really need to go to brunch with your crew this Sunday; attend that work happy hour; or spend that hour socially gabbing on the phone with someone this week? You already know the answer is no! Will missing out on some of the fun things you enjoy be a sacrifice? Yes. Will you be glad you made the sacrifices and they’ll be worth it in the long run? Absolutely.
  • Spend less time with leisure technology: Social media, Netflix and television are all big “time suck” culprits, so be more cognizant of how much time you’re spending on those activities. Instead of cruising Facebook for for an hour, try this instead: indulge yourself for 15 minutes {seriously time yourself if need be}  then commit to dedicating the other 45 minutes to completing a designated, vision-focused task instead, like buying your URL {even if you’re not ready to set up your website}; researching vendors; or writing some of that next chapter.

Lack of Dinero $$$


I believe that money issues pose a big problem for many of us due to limited resources and lots of financial obligations. Plus it seems like everything costs so much to do these days.

So what’s a budding entrepreneur and dream chaser to do? I’m glad you asked. Here are a few strategies to help you take control of you money issues:

{1} You know that saying “Time is money?” Well here’s a different spin on the meaning of the phrase: if you can’t invest a lot of money, invest a lot of time instead. Dedicate some time {time gained by employing my tactics above, perhaps?} to learning how to do things you don’t have the skill set for. For example, I just built another website using a customizable, pre-made WordPress theme. Yes, it took me time investment of many hours to do it, but on the flip side my financial expenditures were less than $150.00.

There are lots of great resources available to learn how to DIY the things you need to get done for your dream or business. Here are some of my favorite resources:

CreativeLive Free broadcasts

Upcoming free classes from

  • CreativeLive: this is one of my FAVORITE sites for learning! I’ve taken a slew of classes form CreativeLive that have provided me with invaluable information on everything from how to Price My Craft What’s better is that they regularly broadcast free classes as well. That’s right F-R-E-E. All you have to do is sign up, log in, and be available when the broadcasts occur. How’s that for a “no dinero” excuse buster?
  • WPBeginner: excellent, easy-to-follow, free tutorials that teach you how to create and manage your own WordPress website and blog.
  • if you don’t already know the brilliant & creative information ninja that is Regina Anaejionu allow me to introduce you! Regina is a self proclaimed “sidekick to infopreneurs (freelancers, coaches, teachers) [and] anyone who wants to profit from their knowledge + passions in a purposeful and authentic way.” She has so many spectacular resources–including a ton of free ones–that it may take you a moment to figure out what goodness to start with first. And trust me, it’s all goodness.

{2} Take a look at where your money is going and reallocate where you can. Cut back on leisure expenditures like lunches out {cook at home}; happy hours {sip for less at home}; unnecessary driving {save $$$ on gas}; and clothing {try vintage instead of brand new}.

Baby, baby...where does our money go? {image courtesy of}

Baby, baby…where does our money go? {image courtesy of}

{3} Barter: exchange services with someone who can do a project for you that you are unable to do by completing a project for them that they are unable to do in turn. Trust me, bartering opportunities are out there, available, and will present themselves if you actively look for them {for instance it’s possible to find them by joining business and entrepreneurial focused Facebook groups}. But there is a huge key successfully bartering: make sure it is a mutually beneficial exchange! Don’t assume you know what your potential barter mate might want or need–ask them. That way you won’t end up proposing anything that will make the other party feel as though they are being taken advantage of.

Here are some additional strategies for starting a business with low or now funds:

It’s a Young’uns Game

It's not too late...{image courtesy of Business Insider}

It’s not too late…{image courtesy of Business Insider}

I’m a 2nd career attorney, meaning I had been out of college for several years and had a career before I embarked upon law school. When I was hemming and hawing about whether I was going to actually apply to law school, and if I was too old to do it, my mentor said me in a VERY matter-of-fact tone: Look, either you can just be 3 years older 3 years from now, or you can be 3 years older with a law degree. Either way you’re gonna be older.”

Blew. My. Mind.

That statement shifted completely shifted my mindset from that point on, and it’s also why I had the courage to embark on career number 3 of becoming a champagne blogger and budding entrepreneur. The point is this: there is nothing any of us can do about time marching on, and we can’t retrieve time already gone. What we can do however is use the time we’ve got right now wisely, regardless of how old or young we are.

Martha Stewart Over 30 entrepreneur

Check out this article from the HUSTLE for confirmation that you can accomplish greatness at any age. If Martha can build an empire after getting a later entrepreneurial start in life, then so can you.

You’re now have 3 less excuses and are full of solutions to pursue that vision, my dears. There are 53 days left in 2015…that’s more than enough time to make things happen before the year ends. There ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it!