It’s A Haute House In Here: Interior Design Trends for 2015

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{image via photograph by Ivan Terestchenko courtesy of Potter Style}

It’s no secret that aesthetics are everything to me, so naturally I’m quite into design of all kinds. Every December and January predictions of the incoming and outgoing interior design trends start popping up everywhere, and I absolutely love looking to see what the opinions of the collective design community are.

Then I love promptly dissecting said opinions mercilessly, adhering to those I like, and tossing the rest right out of the window.

So, in other (more kindly) words, I take “trends” with a dose of salt and regard them as opinions and suggestions rather than as commands and edicts. Design is personal and, while it’s rooted (or at least it should be) in the essence of your authentic style, in my mind design is also ever-evolving and constantly being refined. That’s the mindset I’ve adopted when it comes to decorating my own maîson (okay, so it’s a maîson in my mind at least), and I think it’s the key to good design.

If a design expert thinks something is out of style that doesn’t mean you are obliged to follow suit. If you love it, and if it’s part of your core design sensibility, then there’s no reason not to keep it. For example, I had to clutch my pearls when a designer said that brass was out for 2015! Sorry (not sorry), but shiny metal objects and surfaces will always be #BubbleistaApproved in my home, no matter what anyone says. And ultimately, isn’t creating a space with a vibe that suits your idea of comfort and beauty the real goal?

Albert Hadley design quote

However, it’s still nice looking at the design trends and predictions as a way to get your creative juices flowing. When you find a trend that resonates with you–perhaps even one that you hadn’t considered before–it helps you to continue to evolve and elevate your personal style. That said, these my favorites from the various lists of trends for 2015:


I have had a longstanding love affair with blue (particularly hues in the navy, ink, and electric blue family), so this trend definitely speaks to my core design aesthetic.

  • Apartment Therapy feels that there is a “shift towards darker, moodier hues. Think navy, charcoal, hunter green, even aubergine.”
  • Editor Sheila Schmitz says “We think people like the idea of cozying up in the hues of the deepest sea. If you’ve already done black or charcoal, here’s a new way to add richness and drama.”
  • The Wall Street Journal quotes Los Angeles designer Sasha Emerson who notes the color’s versatility, stating that it works “well with other colors, such as pink, cream, gray, coral and sage
Blue interior design Collage 2015 Trends

I’ve got the blues, baby. {images courtesy of}


As I mentioned earlier, I love metals. Brass; rose gold; gold; silver; nickel–I love it all and I think that when some of these finishes are mixed together in a tasteful way it enhances the design and makes the room look evolved and not staged.

  • Zillow Digs says  “In 2015 homeowners will no longer be limited to silver or stainless steel fixtures, and will feel free to mix and match finish colors, or go bold with all gold.”
  • The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that London designer Kelly Hoppen thinks “mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now.”
Mixed Metals Design Collage

A sleek satin gold and nickel blend bathroom faucet from B & C Select {image courtesy of}; Proof positive that there’s no reason why satin nickel, brushed steel, oil-rubbed bronze, gold leaf, and other metallic finishes can’t get along famously in the same room {image via}


Perhaps as pushback against the super modern or minimalist design, texture and global design elements are going popping up in homes as a way to impart warmth, personality, and interest.

  • “We predict that texture will be especially important in 2015, with furs (faux or real), warm woods, and patterned ethnic textiles stealing the spotlight,” say Apartment Therapy.
  • Zillow Digs thinks that this is the year of cowhide for adding texture: “…elements of cowhide will find their way into pillows, rugs, throw blankets, and even artwork this coming year.”
  • WSJ calls “painterly rugs” one of their top 5 trends for 2015. These are “visually fluid” rugs with “irregular patterns’ that bring visual interest and “breaks the grid of rectangular rooms and furniture.”
  • Also from Apartment Therapy: “…designs from places like Turkey, Morocco, and India are especially popular [as] their rich colors and intricate patterns and textures” play well with many of the other 2015 trends.
Texture and Ethnic Design Collage

Textures through warm wood, fur, and textiles; Ethnic elements from The Marrakesh Hotel {both images courtesy left image via Emily Henderson and right image via Lonny Magazine}


When you consider the bits of advice below in entirety it becomes apparent that a layered, evolved, “distinctively you” style by mixing pieces from various periods and styles is not only a current trend but good advice for creating lasting design. The trick to successful execution of a design mash-up is to strive for tasteful and and stay away from creating a overly-cluttered look. This is another trend that fits in with my natural design ideology.

  • Apartment Therapy suggests “combining furniture from different eras makes every space more dynamic,” and adds that you should look for pieces from thrift stores as well as mix in a few of grandma’s treasures as well.
  • Zillow Digs predicts that “mid-century modern elements will weave their way in to 2015 home decor – from architecture to furniture—and will be one of the biggest up-and-coming design styles for 2015.”
  • Lonny has this advice for creating the look: “If you live in a 1930s house, you can incorporate some period pieces, and then add contemporary lighting, rugs, or accessories to bring the rooms into the 21st century. If you live in a brand new high-rise apartment, choose a Persian rug, an antique mirror, or a vintage chandelier to create a sense of history and warmth.”
Old and New Mashup Collage

“Here leather and glass contrast with refined antique furniture to create an interplay between archetypal masculine and feminine decor.” {image courtesy of via Canadian House and Home}; Old architecture balanced out with modern objects. {image courtesy of Design Doctors via Decorated Life}

So what’s supposed to be “out” for 2015? Here’s what some of the “design powers that be” have to say:

Chevron (but apparently not herringbone); mirrored furniture (this bit of Hollywood Glam style is being called “overdone”); and brass hardware (I am totally closing my ears to this one, especially when another list declared it still in.

In case you want to get the full scope of what the designer deem in, and out, this year, here are the links to check out the complete lists:

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