The Year of The Rooster: 8 Ways to Fabulously Celebrate Chinese New Year All Yearlong

Red Rooster envelope ZazzleHappy Lunar New Year, Year of the Rooster, bubbly lovers! It’s time to celebrate Chinese New Year, but it should come as no surprise that in #BubbleistaLand we’ll be commemorating it in our own special fashion.

There are several traditions that are observed in honor of the Lunar New Year such as New Year’s Eve Dinner and Shou Sui (守岁); fireworks; New Year’s Day markets {where things such as artwork; clothing, fireworks, and food are sold}; cleaning the house from top to bottom; and decorating with lanterns and foo dogs in the color red. One of the most popular traditions is the giving of red envelopes that contain money.

Year of Rooster red envelopes

With that in mind, since I myself was born under the year of the rooster, and as someone who is always looking for any excuse conscientious of a good reason to give gifts to others {and oneself, too!}, I thought it would be fun to take the gift-giving tradition up a notch or two by finding the perfect presents to give–and receive–for Year of the Rooster. I’ve curated 8 gift ideas {since 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture!} that will keep you in the celebratory spirit all year long.

So, on your mark…get set…cockle doodle do!

Year of Rooster Tiffany Rooster Jewelry

1.) Tiffany & Co. Whimsical Diamond Gold Rooster Pin: $2,450

What better way to commemorate Year of the Rooster than wearing this gorgeous vintage rooster pin from the 70’s. A delicate 1-1/2 inches in size, it’s made of 18k gold with diamond encrusted comb and head, it’s perfectly accented with a red ruby for the eye as a nod to Chinese culture.

Year of Rooster Iron Horse combined 2.) Iron Horse Vineyards 2012 Chinese Cuvee: $65

You know that NO Bubbleista celebration would be complete without some bubbly! I love, love, L-O-V-E that every year Iron Horse Vineyards creates a special production cuvee to honor and celebrate Chinese New Year. Such a brilliant idea–after all, what better way to celebrate than with bubbly? Having been born under the Year of the Rooster, it goes without saying that this will be my favorite way to commemorate Year of the Rooster for the next 365 days. And you can rest assured my bubbly lovers, once I get my hands on a bottle {or three!} I will be reviewing it right here on the site with tasting notes!

Year of Rooster Williams Sonoma Staub pot 2 design

3.) Williams Sonoma Staub Cast-Iron Essential French Oven, Grenadine red: $150

I am absolutely and totally enamored with the chic design of this French Oven {as opposed to Dutch oven} by Staub. The embossed rooster design is in a Chinese culture-apropos gorgeous red hue, beautiful and perfect for roasting that traditional, prospserity-infused Lunar New Year meal of fish as well as meal making all year.

Year of Rooster Gold dipped feather pillow

4.) Gold Dipped Feather Decorative Pillow: $629

Giving new meaning to the phrase “shake a tail feather,” this spectacularly lush pillow made of 100% linen with custom gold dip-dyed rooster feathers is lush and sexy, glam and boho all rolled into one. It’s a more subtle nod to Year of the Rooster, but you won’t care if the connection is not as obvious while you’re snuggling up to all of it’s fab luxeness.

Year of Rooster rooster paperweight

5.) Saint-Louis Crystal Rooster paperweight ball: $3,870

If you have a *spare* $4,000 to spend on acquiring an exquisite and rare trinket, this stunning Saint-Louis paperweight ball in breathtaking millefiori is sure to fit the bill {literally and figuratively, ha}. Reviving a forgotten tradition, this intricate Italian technique of creating decorative patterns on glassware re-creates the colorful plumage of the rooster in this paperweight. Their are only 88 pieces in existence worldwide, so you’d hop to it if you plan on having one.

Year of the Rooster Marc Jacobs Red envelope clutch

6.) Marc Jacobs Fire Rooster Envelope Pouch: $175

“Strut your stuff with a crow-worthy envelope clutch done in rich scarlet leather and fitted with a lavish, shimmering rooster bag charm.” I couldnt’ have done more justice in describing this cute clutch than Nordstrom did. This is the perfect gift for a lady born under the Year of the Rooster who likes understated elegance but who still appreciates a bit of fun whimsy. {*ahem*—> ME.}

Year of Rooster Gold rooster head trinket box

7.) Michael Aram Rooster Box $88.00

Made of white marble and hand-sculpted brass, this little “box” is ideal for sitting prettily on the desk in a chic office. Made by American artist and metalworking artisan Michael Aram–who learned how to do handcrafted metal work in India–this little trinket box is a super stylish way to corral those pesky paperclips.

8.) Rooster Crow Sound Button

Okay, so admittedly this is a “gift” that is completely from the gag gift/annoying-for-others-but-entertaining-for-you files, but I just couldn’t resist. You know that office colleague in the next cubicle that works your last nerve talking so loudly that you can’t hear yourself think? Slap this button a couple of times while he’s on a personal call–he’ll get the message.

Okay, okay, fine: on a “kinder use” note, this can also be used to occasionally celebrate a success that you feel proud enough of to *crow* about.

Cheers to a 2017 Lunar New Year filled with prosperity, wealth, family togetherness, happiness, and longevity!