What In The World Is The Bubbleista Drinking: The “Sparkly Rosérita”

WITWITBD Roserita champs picThe warm weather is fully upon us, so you know what that means: it’s officially rose season, baby!

This means it’s time to drink rosé in as many forms as we can get our thirsty little hands on. So whether you like your rosé still, sparkling, frozen, or on the rocks Rosé Piscine style, it’s not hard to find a pink drink out there that’s just right for you!

Speaking of pink drinks though, you may have noticed there’s been a recent uptick in production of rose/pink hued spirits. A perusal of the shelves of your local large liquor store will reveal pink gins, pink vodka and, more recently, pink tequilas too. Enter the Codigo 1530 Rosa tequila.

WITWITBD Roserita Codigo flatlay The 1st time I encountered Codigo Rosa tequila was at a wine and spirits industry event in 2017 and it was completely unlike any tequila I’d tasted before–but more on that in just a bit!

Codigo is an “artisanal” tequila produced in a small village called Amatitán that is home to several generational family owned  tequila makers. Codigo’s blushing beauty of a hue comes from the process of resting the tequila for one month in Cabernet wine barrels exclusively sourced from select Napa Valley wineries. Not only do the barrel infuse color, but also, not surprisingly, faint flavor notes of the Cabernet wine itself.

It should come as no surprise that I was instantly intrigued! After a few sips that allowed me to process the unique flavor profile however, my curiosity turned into actually being a little bit smitten.

WITWITBD Roserita bottle ingredients I hosted my first “official” pop-up champagne tasting in April and the theme of the event was “Stop and Smell The Rosés,” an all pink champagne tasting. When I was planning the menu for the event, I instantly knew it would be the perfect opportunity to make one of my  fab, original #BubbleistaApproved champagne cocktails, using the Codigo Rosa. The gorgeous pink welcome champagne cocktails set just the right the tone for a afternoon of pink fizzy fun. 

Now back to what the tequila’s flavor profile was like: it has super lovely floral notes; bright, sweet agave; and just a hint of the oak from the barrels it’s aged in. The combination makes for a really unique, distinctive–and delicious–tasting tequila.

Sufficiently intrigued like I was? Good! That means my work here is done. Your work, however, is just getting started–so go ahead and get busy making this sweet bubbly cocktail for yourself–or better yet, triple the recipe to make a batch for entertaining this summer!

WITWITBD Sparkly Roserita

 WITWITBD Roserita drinks solo flatlay