Celebrate National Bubbly Day! The Perfect Sparkling Wines For This Effervescent Holiday

Bubbly Day 2018 Cote Mas RoseSaturday, June 2 is National Bubbly Day, and  of course I just COULD NOT let the day pass without celebrating it in true Bubbleista fashion by popping some bottles!

I have to be honest though, this “holiday” almost slipped right by me {HUGE thanks and shout out to my girl Kachet of The Kachet Life for the reminder!}. There are sooooo many food and drink holidays that it can be hard to keep track of ‘em all sometimes. For instance, June alone will commemorate World Gin Day, National Rosé Day, National Bourbon Day, and National Wine & Cheese day. {which I’m thinking of doing post for so be sure to check back here on the blog!}.

National Bubbly Day is right up my alley of course, so what better way to celebrate the day that to give some of my fave picks for the best sparklers? Please note though that their will be no champagnes on this list, only sparkling wines.  I can just hear you saying “Say what?” but hold on a minute. As you probably already know, all Champagnes are sparkling wines but not all sparkling wines can be called Champagne. Non-champagne sparkling wines include, Cava, Prosecco, Cremant American sparkling wine, Sekt {a German term for some sparkling wine}, English Sparkling wine, etc., so I decided that’s what I’ll be focusing on for this list.

Besides, Global Champagne Day will have it’s own holiday later this year so why not give a little shine just to the sparkling wines, right? Right! So, are you ready to discover some sparkling wines that are sure to become your favorites? Then read on!


Bubbly Day 2018 Champalou

There are sooooo many reasons this sparkler is special, the biggest of which is that it’s made of 100% Chenin Blanc. As you may know, the typical main grapes used in making champagnes {and lots of sparkling wines, too} are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier so that makes bubbly a really interesting sip.  

This wine comes from the Vouvray region in Loire France and is a classic expression of the Chenin Blanc grape. I, for one, am gaga over this bubbly. Here’s why.

The aroma is up first. I just love how simultaneously vibrant yet delicate the aromas are with sweet fruit {think red apple and pear} and fresh floral notes. It definitely a flirtatious bubbly that bats its eyelashes and winks at you to entice you to take a sip.

As for the flavor profile, the apple, pear, and floral notes from the nose come through on the palate, along with some honeysuckle, white stone fruit, and minerality. It’s off-dry meaning it has just a subtle hint of sweetness. It envelops your tongue with a lovely, creamy mouthfeel and light richness with medium acidity and finish.

The Champalou is fresh, fun, refreshing and absolutely perfect for summer entertaining. Ringing in at around $25, this one should definitely be on your bubbly shopping list!

Cote Mas Cremant de Limoux Brut Rosé-$18:

Bubbly Day 2018 Cote Mas RoseThe delish Cote Mas Rosé is a blend of 70% Chardonnay, 20% Chenin Blanc, and 10% Pinot Noir is a rich, ripe red berry and floral notes intoxicate you as soon as your nose comes near the glass. Those notes follow through on the palate along with white peach, sweet citrus, and some added minerality that brought depth and character to the wine.

I absolutely love cremants because they are classically very well-crafted wines made in the traditional champagne style. That means you can often get a great quality sparkler but at a bit of a lower price.

The Cote Mas was an elegant rosé that completely enchanted me and I will be drinking this one WELL into the summer. As Wine Spectator once said about this wine, it’s “A serious rosé” to “drink now.” I am SO inclined to agree.

Astoria Prosecco-$13:

Bubbly Day 2018 AstoriaThis is a good, inexpensive, fresh and easy drinking Prosecco with a fun flavor profile of pronounced lemon zest, green apple, white stone fruit {think sweet, juicy nectarines}, and green pear.

With is medium body mouthfeel, crispness, and feisty bubbles, it makes for a delish and refreshing sparkler perfect for a sunny, breezy, summer day.

MUMM Napa Brut Rosé-$18

Bubbly Day Mumm RoseWith a red wine forward blend of 80% Pinot Noir + 20% Chardonnay, the Mumm Rosé it is absolutely delicious and bursting with strawberries, black cherry, and citrus

One of the things that makes this gorgeously hued #sparklingwine special is that the blend includes a Pinot Noir that is fermented in the traditional Burgundian fashion, which “contributes an extra measure of depth, color and robust fruitiness.” Made in the champenoise style, the bubbles are robust, tiny, and mesmerizing!

In short, this is just a plain fab sparkler, y’all.

The Chook Sparkling Shiraz-$18:

Bubbly Day 2018 Chook Shiraz

If you have yet to take a foray into the word of sparkling red wines you are missing out on some fun fizz–you get all the bold flavors of red wine but with the lightness of effervescent bubbly.

That’s exactly why I love, love, love The Chook Sparkling Shiraz–it’s one of my fave red bubbles. It’s ripe and juicy with lush, dark berry fruitiness. Better still is that it also has some good structure to it due to the wine being aged in old French oak barrels. It got bright red cherry, blueberry, and plum on the nose and palate with a hint of baking spice.

Jacqueline Leonne Brut Rose-$15:

Bubbly Day 2018 Jacq Leonne

So I have to say right from the jump that this bubbly absolutely knocked me off my feet at the VERY first sip! It had such a fragrantly intoxicating floral aroma that wafted from the glass while I was pouring that I could barely wait to take a sip–and, wow, what an amazing sip it was! A 100% Pinot Noir rosé, it is powerful and rich with flavors of juicy, ripe raspberries; sweet-tart red cherries; an strawberries. As I was sipping I also noticed secondary aromas of apricots and ruby red grapefruit.

This bubbly is made in New Mexico and is so well crafted that it might be mistaken for one made in France. This stuff is addictive and delicious and makes for a surefire winner for entertaining–that is, if you are actually willing to share.