#MotivationMonday: “C” is for Celebrate

Confetti celebration sky (1)

We are 2 words into this post and I can already hear some of you now: “Celebrate? I don’t have anything to celebrate…”

Are you sure about that? Take a moment to really ponder the totality of your life’s circumstances before you say that you don’t. And for the record, I’m not talking about those big life moments such as you just got married; you got a new job or promotion; or you finally launched your business (although if any of those things are true by all means whoop it up!). What I’m talking about is digging beyond the obvious to discover the smaller happenings and life events that could give us cause for celebration if only we took the time to acknowledge them.

Need a little nudge in the right direction? Well that’s what I’m here for, my dear. If you’re looking for some inspiration on “little things” you could be celebrating, try these 10 examples out for size:

10 Everyday Reasons to Celebrate

  1. That moment when you take that very first delightful sip of a perfectly made, delicious beverage that tastes just like you like it {whether it be coffee or a cocktail!}.
  2. Being in the car when a favorite song you haven’t heard in forever comes on the radio. 
  3. Going to the store specifically for an item and getting the next-to-the-last-one. Celebrate because you don’t have to make another stop to find it, as well as the fact there is still 1 more left for the next person who needs that item.
  4. Sleeping in late. Enough said.
  5. Making it through a light when you’re trying to get somewhere on time.
  6. Accidentally stumbling across an ah-ma-zing sale.
  7. Checking off completed tasks on a to-do list.
  8. Finding a new lipstick that you L-O-V-E.
  9. The last 15-minutes before your weekend starts.
  10. Celebrate YOU! Acknowledge something about yourself that you do well or uniquely that wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

I’m a big believer in celebrating the everyday. I believe when we make it a practice to acknowledge the smaller accomplishments that we become more grateful, joyful, and content in general as a result. In short, discovering that there are lots of reasons for us to grab a moment of joy pertaining to the little things in our lives helps us to appreciate more this one life we’ve been given.

Oprah has spoken. {image courtesy of RaisingLoveLiness.com}

Oprah has spoken. {image courtesy of RaisingLoveLiness.com}

So what am I going to celebrate? Finishing this article in time for you to read it today. And for me, that’s enough to crack open a bottle of bubbly, the quintessential elixir of celebrations big and small everywhere. Now go do some celebrating of your own!