Motivation Monday: Discipline + Effort = Amazing Things

Amazing Things

{image copyright Evelyn Henson}

It’s Monday, darlings…welcome to a brand new week of possibilities!

As promised in last week’s Transformation Tuesday post, for this week’s Motivation Monday I’m going to update you {as promised} on what I accomplished  from committing to 5 straight days of self-discipline–and keeping the promises I make to myself–during the #OverHereBeingDisciplined challenge put together by Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick, and Myleik Teele Founder & CEO of curlBOX.


Disciplined Challenge

We’ve all heard the saying that it takes 21-days to create a new habit. I am here to tell you, my dears, that apparently it can take as little as five when you have the determination, motivation, and, most importantly, the accountability to do so. I’m on a roll with this self-discipline thing, and now that I’ve built up some steam and gotten momentum I just want to keep rolling until I get to my goal promise land: launching my new venture. Here’s what I accomplished during the 5-day challenge:

  • Set up my official business email. I’m not  talking about a Gmail or Yahoo address; I’m talking a bonafide address connected to my own business name URL address
  • Set up social media account on 3 platforms under my venture’s name
  • Settled on a color palette and
  • Hired a graphic designer and artist to create some custom drawings to use on the website
  • created 2 pieces of visual branding content to use on social media

MyTaughtYouDon’t believe that I truly was on a roll? Well here’s what I’ve accomplished since the challenge ended:

  • signed up for a multi-segment business workshop
  • selected a “COMING SOON” theme to install so that I can set-up a page to begin capturing future clients
  • identified and settled on a vendor for one of my products

I’ve realized that taking these small steps every day feels so good that I’m motivated to keep doing it again, and again, and again. Kind of like a runner’s high…except, you know, for entrepreneurs. I’ve also realized that doing this challenge is proof that the saying “The way to successfully eat an elephant is one bite at a time” rings true.

I’m filled with analogies and colloquialisms today, no?


Here are some other discoveries and steps I’ve made since the challenge is over that will help me–and hopefully you, too!–to continue the momentum:

1.) Tieko Nejon’s Self Made University online workshop: I’ve had the privilege of hearing this brilliant, knowledgeable, and completely hee-larious woman present at the “Passion to Profit” tour hosted by businesswoman extraordinaire Mimi G, founder of the Fashion, Lifestyle, and DIY blog, {a post about the Passion to Profit tour is coming soon!}. Let me tell you this: Tieko knows her stuff.

Tieko Nejon 1

Tieko is a Brand + Image Strategist who has a successful business that helps creatives to discover their personal style and build an authentic business brand. Self Made University has 8 modules that cover just about everything you need to build your brand; launch your business; and create and implement strategies to help it grow. Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store:

Self Made U Screen shot

One of the things I appreciate is the workshop’s accessibility. Need accountability? Each lesson Low on funds? Tieko’s got you covered: you can pay for the workshops monthly as you go. Already established in your business and don’t need all of the modules? Tieko’s got you covered: you can purchase the whole workshops or just the individual modules you feel you need. Hmm…I’m kinda feeling like this #TiekosGotYouCovered thing needs to become a legitimate hashtag…

Even better news is that it’s not too late to join! There are literally only a few days left to sign up, though…so hop to it!

2.) Ladypreneur League: I stumbled across the Ladypreneur League on Instagram. If you need a good inspirational shot in the arm these ladies are for you, and if you need resources that address just about anything you might face as a woman entrepreneur {from travel hacks to thoughts on retirement account as a business owner to workshops on “reinvigorating your inspiration“} you’re going to love this virtual tribe of woman.

Self Discipline meme

So let’s keep this party train moving, shall we? What’s one thing you can commit to doing this week that will get you just a little bit closer to your dreams, goals and aspirations? Tag me on Instagram with a post of your own or sound off in the comments below!