“Fizz It!” or “Forget It!” Wine Reviews: “Cuvée Cartier” Rosé Brut Champagne by Vranken

Cartier Champagne and peonies

Pink champagne and pink peonies. What more could a girl ask for?

Welcome to a brand spankin’ new blog series call “Fizz it or Forget it!” where I do champagne and sparkling wine reviews designed give you, my sweet and darling bubbly lovers, recommendations designed to help you decide whether or not you should try that bottle of champagne you’ve been curious about. Having said that, if there’s a bottle you’ve been wanting to try but you just weren’t sure if you wanted to roll the dice or not, DM me on IG and the’re a good chance it just may show up in a future “Fizz It or Forget It” review!

So let me start by apologizing to you right off the bat: the champagne I am reviewing for this inaugural edition of “Fizz It or Forget It” is not easy to get your hands on. At. All. You can’t go into a package store or wine shop and pick up a bottle. You can’t order it online from the big wine retailers (save for the one-off errant bottles for sale on sites like eBay). In fact, your best hope of getting it is either being such a valued client of Cartier that they offer it to you; you attend an event or party that’s hosted by Cartier; or you are gifted with it by someone who has managed to get their hands on a few bottles.

I got my *bubbly blessing* (LOL) via that last option, as my sister-in-law and brother gifted me with some for my last birthday. Aren’t they just the BESTEST?!!

But I digress. Back to the review.

So, without further ado, below check out my impression of the Cuvée Cartier” Rosé Brut Champagne so you know what to do should you find yourself in a position to snag some for yourself.

Cartier champagne

Cartier Champagne bottles, all in a row… {photo from JFW magazine}


The color of this bubbly is super pretty: a rich, deep salmon-y pink color with a light golden halo around the edges. The bubbles are fine and feisty, creating an interesting balance between being an elegant stream and a robust river as they make their way to the surface.


Not knowing the grape blend upfront, I thought the color might hint at possible Pinot Noir aromas–nope! Instead I was pleasantly surprised by a delicate the aroma of toasted scones or biscuits, bread dough, and white flower blossoms.


Interesting tidbit: this champagne is made mostly of Pinot Meunier, which is a dark grape (and what gives this champagne it rich hue) cousin of Pinot Noir. Even though the two grapes are related, they have some distinct characteristics from each other, which manes for unique;y different flavor profiles.

The 1st sip was full of fresh, bright, racy citrus acidity with a bite of toastiness. It took a 2nd sip for me to begin to pick up on the wine’s other flavors like ripe strawberries, fresh raspberry, and a faint blueberry note. You know those mixed berry bowls you get at restaurants and the market? Well imagine eating a mouthful of mostly strawberries and raspberries with only one tiny blueberry in the mix, and that would be this bubbly’s flavor profile!


After sipping this wine you’re left with a lengthy finish of creamy tanginess that hangs out for a while and plays around with your palate long after you’re done drinking it. Just so lovely.


Listen, I think you already know that this is definitely a “Fizz It!” Beyond the fact that you can’t get it whenever you want it making it desirable, it’s actually a really good champagne. It’s not super complex or layered like some of the more sophisticated champagnes might be, but it is definitely one you want to drink again and again and again.

Which, since I do have another bottle of it in the Bubbleista Champagne vault, I absolutely intend to do. {wink}