“Fizz It!” or “Forget It!” Wine Review: Champagne Vieille France Rosé by Charles de Cazanove

Champagne Vieilles brut rose The Bubbleista is back with another edition of “Fizz It or Forget It!” where I give you the full effervescent 411 on champagne brands to help you decide which bubbles are worth giving a try (Fizz It!) or skipping on by (Forget It!).

Today I’m reviewing Champagne Vieille France by Charles de Cazanove. Charles de Cazanove started out as a family owned Champagne House founded in 1811 by a glass maker {who was clearly also a wine lover!} in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. The House experienced some tragic circumstances as it pertains to ownership and after many years of business and personal struggles, the company found itself controlled by Martini & Rossi in 1958. It then came under the control of the Moët – Hennessy Group in 1983 which which in turn sold it to SA Magenta-Epernay (S.A.M.E.) in 1985. Finally, in 2004 Maison Charles De Cazanove was purchased by the Rapeneau family, owners of the GH Martel Champagne house. Today Champagne Vieille France is considered as a subsidy brand of Charles de Cazanove.

Now that we’ve got a little background history, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why you’re really here: you want to know what this champagne is like!


Just look at the color in my pic–a gorgeous, dark, salmon-y, coral-y pink that lulls you into a trance and calls out to you softly…”driiiinnnnkkkk meeeee…”


Ripe sweet strawberry waft up from the glass and envelope the nose, followed by aromas of peach, citrus, white flowers {it’s sweet and delicate like the bloom or bud of a lime before it breaks into actual fruit}, and honey-glazed almonds.


The blend on this gorgeous rose is 45% Chardonnay + 30% Pinot Noir + 10% Meunier + 15% vin rouge {vin rouge is still red wine}.

Bright, rich stone fruits notes jump out immediately with sweet/tart/bitter taste when you eat red cherries and the chunky flesh that’s closest to the pit of a ripe nectarine.  Next were notes of ripe raspberry and bread–as if you bit into a piece of toast spread with raspberry jam. The flavors were rounded out by fresh, lemony acidity that at first caresses and then out right grabs you by the collar.


The lush acidity of this champagne coats your palate, gets under flesh of your tongue, and hangs out there having fun for quite a while. It’s simultaneously elegant and sassy, with a pleasingly minerally finish that reminds you that you have to have more.


Y’ALL. This is unequivocally a “FIZZ IT!” that rings in on average around $60-$70 bucks. Not that I’m a strict and hardcore subscriber to wine scores, but even Wine Spectator scored it as 92/100 points, and 90+ point champagnes are usually well worth the your attention and their price tag!

If you’re still not sold {although not sure how you could not be, ha ha}, you will be after this: you can periodically catch this champagne for sale at…wait for it…Costco–for under $30 bucks! To be able to get champagne that drinks this well at that kind of price is absolutely crazy, so believe me when I tell you that you’d be a fool to not grab several bottles whenever you’re lucky enough to catch it there! The same sentiments holds true if you come across their regular brut, too!

And if you’re into a little wine porn and really want to see what this stunner is like live, check out my Instagram page to see a video of me pouring this fabulous champagne!