Fizz Friday Finds

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Greetings my bubbly loving darlings! It should comes as no surprise that today’s Fizz Friday Finds are all about the same topic of discussion from my post this past Wednesday: Prosecco!

If you read my most recent Wine Wednesday Wordologie then you’ve already learned a bit about the fizzy sparkler, so there’s no reason for me to not jump right into a couple recommendations of my fave Proseccos. Let’s proceed, shall we?


La Marca prosecco

If you watched the video I starred in this past holiday season produced by Afro Bohemian Snob, you already know that I love La Marca.

This sparkler has a soft, pale straw color with fiesty, persistent bubbles. Sweet and floral {think honeysuckle} notes hits your nose first followed by lemony-citrus aromas. A sip reveals crisp green apple, lemon, a slight caramel flavor, and a bit of that traditional “toasty-ness” that French champagne is often known for.

It has a touch of concentrated sweetness but its balanced acidity still keeps it refreshing and crisp. This is a great crowd-pleaser {or, you know, just as perfect for sipping solo-dolo…no judgments here…} and it rings in around $16.


Cupcake prosecco

How could you not like a wine with “cupcake” in the name? Thankfully this sparkler is no exception.

Like the La Marca, the Cupcake is alight straw color as well. It has lovely, creamy bubbles and on the palate I there’s stone fruit {peach}; citrus {lime and grapefruit}; honey, and baked bread. It, too, has some sweetness to it {a touch more than La Marca} and is quite refreshing. It makes a great option for sipping alone or for making mimosas. The price tag is usually around $13.

And here’s a little bonus for you: You’ve heard of food truck but do you know about “fizz trucks?” Well Cupcake Prosecco is hosting a mobile bubbly truck tour across the US where free tastings of the fizzy goodness will be available at outdoor venues and events. As of the date of this post, the truck is currently in Chicago and has stops scheduled in other states for the rest of the month. Find out when it will be near you so you can get you some!