Motivation Monday: “S” is for “Seeds”

Autumn is approaching, and one of the quintessential symbols of the season is fall harvest. Think about it: every fall as elementary school kids we used to create and/or color pictures of those little cornucopias filled with fruit, veggies, and acorns. It was a clear indication that this time of year was about bounty and harvest and celebrating growth.

Cornucopia 123Thanksgiving Wallpaper revised

Seriously, did anyone actually have these in their homes? And if you did, why didn’t you ever invite me over to see it in action? SO many questions… {image courtesy of}

But wait…now that I think about it, did anyone ever actually own one of those cornucopia things? I mean where, exactly, would you even buy them? And if you happened to find one, did anybody actually fill them up with fruits, veggies, acorns, and such? And, if so, how long could you leave said cornucopia set up before someone messed it up by eating it or it started to go bad? Hashtag “SoManyImportantQuestions”

But I digress.

Seriously though, there are signs all around us time of year truly is harvest season. Just visit vineyards around the world right now and you’ll discover both men and machinery vigorously at work to pluck and pick the bounty off the vines. The grapes must be harvested at the right time so that the grapes are at their optimum, peak, prime ripeness, which is the basis for a good quality wine.

{image courtesy}

{image courtesy}


Here’s some interesting grapes food for thought, however: what’s even more important to a successful harvest than picking the grapes at the right time is planting the seeds. Think about it: without seed planting, there is no harvest at all. In order for a successful vine to grow, the seeds must be planted in good soil; they need to be properly watered and nourished; they need sun and warmth; and they must be allowed to germinate. And, even moreso, they must be planted at the right time. A good gardener will tell you that, in order for seeds to grow and produce, they must be planted during the right season. I dare you to try to plant your tomato seeds in June and expect anything to grow. No matter how much water, nutrients, warmth, and sun you give ‘em, the only thing you’ll get in return is a “womp, womp” sound when you go looking for tomatoes to pick.

{image courtesy; ©Roman Rodionov}

{image courtesy; ©Roman Rodionov}

I think that’s a perfect analogy for our lives as far as our dreams, goals, and visions are concerned. In fact, I was inspired to write this post because I feel like I’ve been in a “seed planting season” myself for the last several days. I’ve been doing my planting by putting myself, my talents, and my vision “out there” on the proverbial center stage–I wrote a proposal for a BIG speaking engagement; I pitched myself to appear on television as a subject matter expert; and I entered a creative  competition, just to name a few “seeds” I put into the soil. And guess what? I’m not quite done planting just yet. In fact, I may need a new til and another pair of gloves before it’s all said and done.


It takes courage to release your heartfelt vision into the world with the hopes that it will result in something fruitful while also fully knowing that it may just as easily be ridiculed, misunderstood, ignored, and rejected. But that’s exactly what a good harvest is about. You plant seeds, not knowing which ones will “take;” which ones will die; which ones will grow; and which ones might remain in a state of arrested growth. Planting seeds is a risk, but there’s no harvest without it.

One of my brilliant, beautiful, inspired, and super intuitive friends, Shannon Yvette {who also happens to be a dynamic speaker, author & life wholeness coach} posted this recently on Facebook:

Shannon seed planting FB status

I’m planting, Shannon; I’m planting…

I couldn’t believe what I was reading because that was exactly the space I was in at the very moment she posted it: being conscientious about the seeds I was planting. It was wonderful confirmation that I was on the right track, and that my “planting” was happening in its due season. I’ve decided I’m going to boldly plant until I run out of seeds; take a little rest; then sit back and allow God to show me what to harvest.

So be brutally and painfully honest with yourself: what seeds have you been holding onto that need to be planted–a new career seed? A creative vision seed? Desire to become an entrepreneur seed? A project waiting to be brought to life seed? An idea that will proclaim your brilliance seed? A I-don’t-care-what-you-think-bout-me-I’m-gonna-live-life-on-my-terms seed?

They will never have the opportunity to grow if you continue to allow fear, doubt, uncertainty, laziness, criticism; or negativity {whether internal or external!} keep you from doing the work of tiling the soil and putting those seeds in fertile ground where they belong.

Planting seeds

So, just as Shannon’s Facebook post was a supernatural wink to me that now was the right time to plant my seeds, I hope that this post will serve as your sign that the time is right for you to plant, too.

Don’t hesitate any longer–or you’ll find yourself unable to harvest next season. And the seeds of your dreams deserve better treatment than that.