“Fab Four For Friday” #LinkLove Round-up

Fab Four linklove pic collage

{clockwise from left: image courtesy YouTube.com; image courtesy TheJungalow.com; image courtesy GardenandGun.com with photograph credit to Jen Judge; screenshot from TraceeEllisRoss.com}

March is here and all I can think is “hurry up spring!” Like I mentioned in my March sneak peek for the blog, springtime brings about such a wonderful sense of renaissance, renewal, revitalization, and restoration–the sentiment of a fresh start.

This spring spirit of renewal always inspires me to switch stuff up {spring cleaning}; to make things better {fresh decor, perhaps?}; to experiment {“nothing beats a failure but a try”}; to improve and grow {gain more knowledge}; to stretch myself {get out of my comfort zone}; and to experience new things {hello, travel & new adventures!}–all things that will be swirling about in my brain in the coming days and weeks.

To that end, I’ve been nosing about the internets bookmarking a ton of articles and posts that have piqued my interest and that will get me a good head start on my mission of renewal. Here are 4 of my favorite links that I’ll be checking out this weekend that I think you’ll love, too. Here’s my Fab Four for Friday #LinkLove round up:

GRAMMAR PATROL ALERT! I’m always interested in knowing what the rules are when it comes to writing and grammar. After all, knowing the rules helps you decide which ones to break, right? In any case, I was intrigued by this little grammar rule quibble that I didn’t know about. {A Cup of Jo: joannagoddard.blogspot.com}

Justina Blakeney has such a confident, bohemian, eclectic, and stylish design sensibility that always enchants and inspires me. I’m looking forward to delving into her round-up on ways to decorate with purple to get some ideas for my own springtime design aspirations. {The Jungalow: www.thejungalow.com}

If you’re anything like me you’re dreaming of a sunny, breezy, beautiful Caribbean getaway.  While almost any place would suffice,  a “not-your-ordinary” destination always has a little added appeal. Take a gander at these literal and figurative hot spots: Culebra | Dominica | Grenada | Long Island | Petit St. Vincent {Garden & Gun: gardenandgun.com}

 I absolutely, unequivocally adore Tracee Ellis Ross, and not just for the “usual suspects” list of reasons like her gorgeous hair and her incredible sense of fashion style {although I love those, too}. What I mostly adore her for is her in-your-face; not-afraid-to-laugh-at-herself; full-on; “imperfectly perfect” way and philosophy of completely embracing, living, and loving life. 

If you don’t believe me just watch her how-to  “Hand Washing” clothes video. You will laugh. You will learn a neat trick or two. You will hear the phrase “Spin cycle that bitch!’ uttered in reference to drying clothing in a lettuce spinner. Yes, a lettuce spinner. You will be entertained. And amazed. And you will ♥ her just as much as I do. {Tracee Ellis Ross: traceeellisross.com}