Wine Travel Fabulous: JCB Tasting Lounge in Napa

JCB SALON 15 (JCB no 34 rose w flutes)As a bubbly and wine lover, going to “wine country” anywhere always feels like home for both my heart and palate. And since jaunting to Napa (and Sonoma) several years ago was my very first foray into wine travel, each and every time I visit it’s feel like I’m right where I belong.

The sheer number of exquisite wineries, amazing restaurants, and fantastic experiences to be had can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but I actually get sheer delight from it because I love the process and adventure of discovery–especially when it is serendipitous, like when Mr. Bubbleista and I came across the JCB Tasting Salon in Yountville.

We were on our last full day of a week-long vacation in the region last year when we woke up and realized that it was raining—a lot. We knew that meant the wineries we’d planned on touring that day were out, but since we were staying in Yountville—a town well known for its’ cache of exceptional restaurants and tasting rooms—we decided to explore our wine sipping options right there in town.

Then, two blocks into our drive to see what tasting rooms were around, I saw it: the JCB Tasting Salon!

JCB SALON 1 (building)

As the self-dubbed “Champagne Evangelist” and a sparkling wine addict, I am wellllllll aware of the JCB Collection and their incredibly vast selection of wines and bubbly, as well as their commitment to quality. I mean, I haaaave had the privilege of enjoying some of the wines before. What I didn’t know, however, was the full extent of the fantabulous experience we were in for that afternoon!

JCB SALON 2 (front door)

This door really beckons you to enter, right?

Immediately upon entering the salon we were not only both warmly greeted by staff, but we were also greeted with a setting that can only be justly described as opulent, sumptuous, lavish, and decadent!

As soon as you cross over the door’s threshold your senses are engaged: your eyes delightedly dart from the crystal chandelier to the marble to the swaths f deeply red roses to the leopard printed fabrics; your nose picks up a subtle aroma that can only be described as the faint perfume of wine; your ears are enchanted by the mid-tempo music playing that is both energizing and calming at the same time; and your sense of touch is seduced by the crocodile textured chair upholstery and lush fabrics.

JCB SALON 3 (interior) JCB SALON 4 (ceiling interior)

I also love that you get peckish you have absolutely no reason to leave, because they have a gourmet food shop connected to it called Atelier Fine Foods that has the capability of indulging almost every luxe craving you might have. And we’re not just talking your typical charcuterie and cheese here, people: we’re talking caviar; canned mussels in escabeche; and pate. Essentially they have all the provisions you need for an afternoon of wine tasting, a picnic, or a fancy cocktail party.

photo courtesy of Atelier Fine Foods

photo courtesy of Atelier Fine Foods

Another things I love is that the salon’s decor is rife with art and books, and bejeweled touches. And speaking of bejeweled, you can actually buy exquisite jewelry here, as the salon has a boutique inside where you can also purchase perfume, candles, crystal glasses, and books. This is definitely a tasting room where the details not only matter, they are THE thing that matters most–next to the wine itself, of course.

JCB Tasting Salon jewelry and perfume boutique

Now back to the wine! We selected a cozy banquette booth near the door and right by one of the large front windows to sit in so that we could watch the rain. After perusing the lengthy wine list, we decided on a sparkling wine tasting {no shocker there, I’m sure}. We settled in and then spent several pleasurable hours enjoying the wine while nestling ourselves into the plush banquette. We were happily pleased with every single sip of everything single thing we tasted, and felt like we’d discovered the perfect way to spend that rainy afternoon.

The JCB Tasting Salon is now officially one of my *must do* spots that will be on my list every time I visit Napa and Sonoma, and it should be on yours, too! Check out the rest of my photos from our tasting so that you can see the evidence for yourself!

JCB SALON 8 (JCB menu) JCB SALON 9 (JCB no 39) JCB SALON 10 (JCB no 39 w flute) JCB SALON 7 (JCB No. Infinity 2) JCB SALON 7 (JCB No. Infinity) JCB SALON 6 (JCB No. 8) JCB SALON 5 (pouring into flutes)

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating when I said that corner banquette is plush and we got COZY.

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating when I said that corner banquette is plush and we got COZY.

JCB SALON 14 (JCB no 34 rose)JCB SALON 15 (JCB no 34 rose w flutes)

A final "kiss" on the front porch before departing was the perfect way to end our tasting.

A final “kiss” on the front porch before departing was the perfect way to end our tasting.