The Fabulous, Farmhouse-Luxe Hotel Vintage House in Napa

Vintage house bedroom (REZISED)

Those who know or have ever traveled with me know that when it comes to trip planning I am a master at researching a location to find the best experiences, locations, restaurants, cocktail bars, and destination options. Planning my recent trip to Napa and Sonoma was no exception, which is exactly how I came across the exquisiteness that is Vintage House in Napa!

Less than 15 minutes from downtown Napa, the newly redesigned Vintage House is located in Yountville, which has been called “strollable town with its small town charm.” Vintage House {and its sister property Hotel Villagio, which is currently being redone and will open this spring} is perched on a glorious 22 acres of land {called the “Estate”} that are surrounded by mountains, vineyards, and charming views of Yountville.

Yountville is home to amazing, critically acclaimed places to eat such as the Thomas Keller-helmed restaurant foursome of Bouchon, French Laundry, Ad Hoc and its sister spot, Addendum; Bottega by Chef Michael Chiarello; and Chef Richard Reddington’s noted Redd. Did I mention that French Laundry and Bouchon are Michelin-starred restaurants? There are also a good number of  wine tasting rooms within walking distance of Vintage House, such as hope & grace; Stewart Cellars; and JCB Tasting Salon {future post on my bubbly tasting there coming soon!}. If you’re interested in doing a full-on winery tour along with a tasting, Vintage House is a super short Uber ride from Chandon’s Winery and Vineyards, too.

Essentially, if bubbly at check-in; in-room wood-burning fireplaces; huge, sunlight-filled rooms with high rafter ceilings; cushy, cozy window seats; over-sized and deep whirlpool bathtubs; dual bathroom vanity sinks; roomy patios and balconies; nightly turn-down service with gourmet chocolates; and detailed-oriented, friendly service are your things then Vintage House just may be your nirvana!

If you’re still not quite sold yet, check out my extensive and detailed {you know I love details!} photo diary detailing all the gloriousness–they are sure to seal the deal in making you want to stay at Vintage House when you visit Napa!

IMG_4246 IMG_4247

IMG_4242Welcome to Vintage House! You can drive your vehicle onto that concrete pad right at the front door where the attendant will unpack your vehicle and whisk you bags away to their appointed destination. As I mentioned before, Yountville is very accessible so the hotel provides bikes for you to do some deeper exploring.


Time to check in, and the light-filled, chic lobby space is spectacular. The soaring ceilings, chandeliers, fireplace, glass elevator, and ample cushy, comfy couches and seating welcomes you in for a lovely tête-à-tête and even invites you to settle in and hang around for a while.

Vintage house lobby (REZISED)IMG_4219IMG_4221[1]IMG_4216[1]Vintage house elevator (REZISED)IMG_4211[1]

Somebody please tell me where I can get these nesting inlaid bone coffee tables from! The aesthetics obsessed part of me is in compete love with them.IMG_4249The check-in desk in the lobby has a cute portable bar {on the left side of the photo above and feature photo below} that is perfectly stationed to offer guests a proper beverage upon arrival.IMG_4207[1]VINTAGE HOUSE giving us champersThe amazingly charming, knowledgeable, and oh so gracious Front Desk Manager Chris, who poured us a glass of bubbly prior to checking in.VINTAGE HOUSE 1IMG_4248

As you’ll see, Vintage House is really big on details–I mean, just look at this tile work at the front desk. Also, guests are given a listing of wine tasting rooms in close walking proximity that the hotel has partnership arrangements with which includes discounted or complimentary (!) tastings {pic below}.

VINTAGE HOUSE table shot


Vintage house bungalow outdoor view (REZISED)

The photo above is a shot of the walking path from the lobby that led directly to our bungalow, which faced the town’s main road. Even though it faced the street it was still a very quiet an peaceful room–no real street noise or disturbances. There are other rooms and bungalows that overlook the pool and vineyards, so next stay we will try a loft overlooking the vineyards. Other room option include a Deluxe King, Double Double Queen, Premium King, Loft King, and Over-sized Bungalow.IMG_3944[1]

Walked though the front door of our “little bungalow” {600 sq feet!} to see this. If these beams and woodwork in the 769 ft {okay, a tiny exaggeration} ceilings don’t make you swoon then I don’t know what will.IMG_3948 IMG_3953 Vintage house bunglaw bedroom patio (REZISED)IMG_3979[1]


A few books, a couple of magazines, and a bottle of wine is all you need to hang out here.

IMG_3958[1] IMG_3943[1]The bathroom was just as spacious as the main room space with double vanities and a huge, luxury soaking tub. On top of that, the lighting in there is fabulous–sconces and over head lighting–with brightness levels you can control, making it definitely #bathroomselfie worthy. There are also slated wooden blinds that let you control the natural light too, so you can get your perfect shot.Vintage house bathroom 1 (REZISED)IMG_3962Vintage house bathroom 2 (REZISED)Our spacious patio and the views from it. You could see the main road and nearby restaurants {Hello, Bouchon Bakery!} but you also had lovely views of the mountains, too!IMG_4014IMG_3970IMG_3971

Lastly, there a few shot of the hotel grounds and pool. It was sprinkling that day so the full set-up wasn’t in effect. Nonetheless, the grounds and the scenery were truly beautiful and I will definitely be about that #cabanalife when I return.

IMG_4229[1] IMG_4226[1]IMG_4224[1]


I dare you to deny that you would absolutely love spending the afternoon lounging in these hanging cocoon chairs.

What I love

(1) The rooms–oh my gosh, THE ROOMS! If it weren’t for the siren song of the promise of incredible wine, food, and scenery just beyond the door, I may not have ever left this room! Incredibly comfy mattress, sheets, and pillows made it difficult to get out of bed; super soft bathrobes and slippers made it hard to get dressed; and the wood-burning fireplace and in-room coffee maker with complimentary Evian with which to make said java made it hard to let go of all of the coziness!

(2) The laid back luxury: this hotel is chic and sumptuous, but nothing about it is pretentious–from the staff to the services to the design. You truly feel welcomed here.

(3) Location, location, location: Vintage House is located virtually in the center of the “commercial” part of Yountville. Mr. Bubbleista was able to go for a {gorgeously scenic, crisp aired} run, and then pick up croissants and macarons {yep, you read that right} for breakfast from Bouchon Bakery on his way back without ever thinking about needing a vehicle. Within a lovely stroll of 2-4 blocks in any direction provided numerous wine tasting, shopping, and dining options.

What I’d change

(1) I love, love, love a good hotel lobby bar to just hang out at and become a barfly, but Vintage House doesn’t have one–at least not yet. According to a hotel source, there are plans to create one in the very near future! It’s a great call by Vintage House too, because it’s inherent vibe makes it a naturally comfortable gathering spot for a night of leisurely chatting, friend-making, and imbibing. I can’t wait to get back and check it out!

In love with Vintage House yet? ME. TOO! If Vintage House is your kind of hotel, let me hear in the comments! Also give me your “must do” spots in Napa and Sonoma are–I’m always looking for new finds and adventures!