The Bubbleista Lifestyle: Are You a Bubbleista?

**For the month of January I’ll be re-publishing some of my most popular post from 2015 to celebrate my 1-year blogaversary. Enjoy!*

Are you a Bubbleista imageSo you’re chugging right along, reading The Bubbleista blog posts, taking it all in, when all of a sudden you say to yourself: “Wait a minute. What exactly is a ‘Bubbleista’ anyway?” Well my dear, I’m glad you asked!

Truth be told, it’s actually a word I made up just joking around in 2009. I came up with the name as an inspired riff on the word “Fashionista,” a term made up by Stephen Fried in 1993, that ended up becoming a bonafide entry in the Oxford English Dictionary {OED} in 1999. Today the OED’s secondary definition is “a devoted follower of fashion.”

Fashionista definition

So let’s break it down and analyze the term just a bit:

the word “fashion”


the the adjective suffix “ist,” which is defined as “denoting an adherent of a system of beliefs and principles; or holding certain principles, doctrines etc.”


“a” which indicates the feminine form of the adjective suffix.

Fashionista block letters

Makes a lot of sense when you actually take it apart and break it down to its essence, right?

Similarly, The Bubbleista started out as me poking a bit of fun at myself because of my insane, insatiable love for champagne and sparkling wine, also known of course as bubbly. “Bubbly” + “ista” = {with a slight alteration} “Bubbleista.” After all, I couldn’t think of a better moniker for myself than a made-up word describing my devotion to the sparkling potion.

The Bubbleista champs ABS Wiley

The Bubbleista doing what she inherently does…sip champagne.

As time went on though—and as I continued to actually refer to myself as The Bubbleista—I discovered that the name really meant so much more than I originally thought. I began to realize more and more that the word, in essence, really described my fundamental, natural, deeply-rooted, core philosophy of life.

Consider the basic qualities of champagne for a moment: it’s sparkling; effervescent (bubbly); distinctive; and celebratory. Those terms perfectly described my belief in having a lifestyle where all of the facets of life encapsulated as many of those descriptive terms as possible, as often as possible. It was then that I decided to truly define what “The Bubbleista” meant for me. I came up with this:

The definition of a Bubbleista. (original image © Emile C. Browne photography; graphic design courtesy of Social Proof Design; definition © TheBubbleista. All rights reserved)

The definition of a Bubbleista. (original image © Emile C. Browne photography; graphic design courtesy of Social Proof Design; definition © TheBubbleista. All rights reserved)

So what does having an effervescent lifestyle mean exactly?

  • It means making the extra effort to make something distinctive, memorable, and special, even when you don’t have to.
  • It means trying to learn about something you delight in so that you can figure out ways to enjoy it even more.
  • It means stopping to take the time to actually experience moments and events in life as opposed to just blindly trudging your way through.
  • It means raising a glass of champagne and toasting to absolutely nothing at all just because you can.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the way I strive to live my life and I want to inspire others–including you, my darling–to do the same.

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut

So…the question remains…are you a Bubbleista? If so, with this blog you have found your tribe. And if you’re not quite a Bubbleista yet, don’t worry. I’ll be your sparkling fairy godmother that uses her magic wand to help you transform into the effervescent lifestyle princess {or prince!} you were always meant to be!

Stick around—it’s going to be a fun ride.


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